What did Douglas Mawson discover in Antarctica?

What did Douglas Mawson discover in Antarctica?

While the landscapes and climate of Australia and Antarctica are polar opposites (groan, dad joke), Mawson discovered a passion for the blustery climes of Antarctica. He first took to the continent in 1907 with Ernest Shackleton. He later declined an invitation to return with Brit explorer Robert Falcon Scott.

What was Douglas Mawson legacy?

Knighted in 1914 for his leadership of the AAE, Mawson was Australia’s greatest Polar explorer. His legacy includes Australia’s territorial claim to 42 per cent of Antarctica and the Australian Antarctic Division which operates three scientific and research bases on the continent and one on Macquarie Island.

How did Douglas Mawson change the world?

Mawson’s expedition was the first to connect Antarctica to the outside world by radio. On his return, Douglas Mawson took his place as a great figure in the Heroic Age of Antarctica Exploration. In 1984, 70 years on, his face appeared on the 100 Australian dollar bank note.

Why was the Mawson expedition forced to eat its sled dogs?

3 From this we know that Mawson, Ninnis and Mertz had taken sledge dogs with them to enable rapid travel over the first part of their journey to map an area more distant than that being mapped by other members of the expedition.

When did Douglas Mawson start his Antarctic Expedition?

As their bases were being established in 1911, Australian geologist Douglas Mawson was quietly organizing an Australasian expedition to chart the 2000-mile coastline directly south of Australia.

Why did Douglas Mawson turn down the Terra Nova Expedition?

Robert Scott had offered Mawson a coveted place on the Terra Nova expedition. Mawson turned this down, instead he was planning his own expedition to chart a 2000 mile stretch of Antarctic coastline directly south of Australia.

What did Sir Douglas Mawson do for Australia?

By leading Australia’s first Antarctic research expedition, Mawson became an internationally acclaimed scientist and explorer. His face is well known today, having adorned postage stamps and the Australian $100 note. Was this page helpful?

How did Douglas Mawson get to the South Pole?

Along with his mentor Professor T.W. Edgeworth David, Mawson completed the longest Antarctic man-hauling sledge journey of 122 days. Coping with hunger, hidden crevasses, frostbite and exhaustion, they received a hero’s welcome on their return. Explorers during this time were focused on being the first to reach the South Geographic Pole.