What country is PAOK from?

What country is PAOK from?

Κ.), is a major multi-sports club based in Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece. The club has several departments, including football, basketball, volleyball, handball, water polo, swimming, wrestling, ice hockey, and weightlifting. P.A.O.K was founded in April 1926.

What does PAOK stand for?


Acronym Definition
PAOK Panthessalonikios Athlitikos Omilos Konstantinoupolis (Athletic Club of Constantinople in Thessaloniki; Thessaloniki, Greece)

Where is PAOK FC?

PAOK FC, short for Panthessalonikios Athlitikos Omilos Konstantinoupoliton, is a professional Greek football club based in Thessaloniki with their home ground being the Toumba Stadium.

Is PAOK in Europa League?

In addition to the domestic league, PAOK are participating in this season’s editions of the Greek Cup and in the inaugural Europa Conference League. The season covers the period from 22 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.

Did PAOK won?

PAOK are the only team in Greece that have won the Double (in 2019) going unbeaten (26–4–0 record) in a national round-robin league tournament (league format since 1959)….PAOK FC.

Full name Panthessaloníkios Athlitikós Ómilos Konstadinoupolitón (Panthessalonian Athletic Club of Constantinopolitans)
Ground Toumba Stadium

When was PAOK founded?

April 20, 1926
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What league is PAOK in?

UEFA Europa League
Greek Football Cup
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Are PAOK in Champions League?

European Cup / UEFA Champions League Qual. As a result, PAOK were reinstated in the Champions League.

Where do the fans of PAOK Football Club come from?

PAOK’s traditional fanbase comes from the city of Thessaloniki, where the club is based, as well as from the rest of Macedonia region and Northern Greece. They also have fans all over the country and in the Greek Diaspora (Germany, Australia, USA, etc.).

Who are some famous football players from PAOK?

After the Second World War, in the early 1950s, PAOK Academy was created by the Austrian coach, Wilhelm (Willi) Sefzik, and was known as the “chicos of Willi”. From the newly founded academy sprang some great football players of the period, such as Leandros Symeonidis, Giannelos Margaritis and Giorgos Havanidis.

Where is the professional basketball club PAOK located?

Κ.Α.Ε.), commonly known in European competitions as PAOK, is the professional basketball department of the major Greek multi-sports club A.C. PAOK, which was founded in 1926, and is based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

When did PAOK win the FIBA European Cup?

PAOK brought limitless joy to its fans, by winning the European 2nd-tier level FIBA European Cup Winners’ Cup, when PAOK defeated CAI Zaragoza in Geneva, by a score of 76–72, on March 26, 1991.