What are the Red rings for in Sonic Generations?

What are the Red rings for in Sonic Generations?

When you reach the speed boosters in an open area, look for three birds in front. You should see a red ring on the side wall. To get this ring, equip Sonic with Athleticism, Accelerator, and Speed Up skills to run up to the wall. This ring comes at cost of fast movement throughout this level so do keep that in mind.

How do you get red star rings in Sonic?

In gameplay, Red Star Rings appear early along the first run in a Zone each day, but they can also be obtained by completing different missions, fulfilling the Daily Challenge for five days in a row, winning them from the Daily Spin, logging onto Facebook, or purchasing them via microtransactions.

Does Sonic Generation wisp?

Planet Wisp (プラネットウィスプ, Puranetto U~isupu?) is the ninth and last stage in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It represents Sonic Colors during the Modern era of the game.

What happens if you get all red star rings in Sonic forces?

Red Star Rings in Sonic Forces are hidden in just about every stage of the game. Originally, the rings enabled you to unlock special bonuses for the game; however, for Sonic Forces, the Red Star Rings have become hidden collectibles.

Where do you go in Planet Wisp Sonic Generations?

Planet Wisp is a zone returning from the modern era of Sonic. Red Ring #1. When you begin, take the first high path you see and continue until you can jump through a red aerial ring. Next, jump onto a large-ish platform with 6 rings above it.

How many Red Star rings are there in Sonic Generations?

Each act of every zone has five hidden Red Star Rings to locate and collect, making for a total of 90 hidden Red Star Rings. Find them all here. Green Hill area of Sonic Generations.

What are the different types of Wisps in Sonic?

The Wisps used for this power-up system included the Black Wisps, Blue Wisps, Crimson Wisps, Cyan Wisps, Ivory Wisps, Magenta Wisps, Orange Wisps, Pink Wisps, Gray Wisps, Red Wisps, Violet Wisps, White Wisps, Yellow Wisps and the new Jade Wisps.

Where to collect red ring in Planet Wisp?

Grab the powerup above and use it to collect the Red Ring to your right. While you still have that powerup going, jump to the right where the red pick-axe robot is standing. Cling on to the wall behind it and roll up until you’re launched by a yellow spring. When you land, spin-dash and jump before the cliff to pass the high path’s checkpoint.