What are the benefits of using Joskin transport?

What are the benefits of using Joskin transport?

Benefit from quality pictures, test your knowledge of our products and experience our events live. Watch our machines at work, improve your knowledge through detailed tutorials and discover our company’s behind the scenes.

Who is the largest Joskin importer in Switzerland?

Baudet S.A., Joskin importer in Switzerland since 1991, has just celebrated its first half century of existence. On this occasion, the company organi… Even More “Advantages”! At the beginning of the year, the Joskin company launched a new concept called “Advantage”. By producing limited series of fully-equipped machine…

When did the first Joskin Orchard tanker come out?

The JOSKIN company is proud to announce that it delivered its first orchard tanker. In June 2019, the GRAVIT company, one of our Polish dealers, celebrated its 30-year anniversary. A special event was organised on that occasion! On Sunday 2nd May, the agricultural world was in a festive mood. The DEUTZ-FAHR dealers opened their doors to the public.

Where does Joskin make monocoque Slurry Tankers?

Manufacturing of the new range of monocoque slurry tankers: a chassis fixed to the tank, with which it forms one body, is now the basis of the Modulo range. Construction of an industrial hall of 5000 m² in Soumagne and formation of the S.C.I.M.A. S.A. Company The Cargo concept was awarded a Golden Ear at AGRIBEX in Brussels.

Where to go to see a Joskin machine?

Go! All our second-hand machines and bargains to be discovered in our second-hand machine park! Visit JOSKIN as if you were there! Discover the manufacturing process of a JOSKIN machine from A to Z! Visit!

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What are the skids on a Joskin tr topper?

Whether front- (ATR) or rear-mounted, all our rotary pasture toppers are fitted with a floating hitch allowing to perfectly follow the ground relief for a maximal precision of performance. Each TR topper is fitted with 2 XXL skids allowing the machine to perfectly glide, even on an uneven ground.