What are some look alike drugs?

What are some look alike drugs?

Medication names should include generic and brand names that are considered look-alike and sound-alike (ISMP, 2018; Henriques, 2018). Examples of look-alike sound-alike medications are prednisone and prednisolone, dopamine and dobutamine, and dimenhydrinate and diphenhydramine.

What is the role of ISMP?

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) is the only 501c (3) nonprofit organization devoted entirely to preventing medication errors. During its more than 25- year history, ISMP has helped make a difference in the lives of millions of patients and the healthcare professionals who care for them.

How many members are there in the LASA?

With over 12,000 members, over 65 percent of whom reside outside the United States, LASA is the one association that brings together experts on Latin America from all disciplines and diverse occupational endeavors, across the globe.

Who is the CEO of Lasa in Australia?

LASA CEO Sean Rooney said Australian… The home care wait list is still far too long. The Govt needs to set out a timetable to bring down wait times to le… https://t.co/92S4U9Uysn Intergenerational programs and inspirational centenarians feature in our latest issue of Fusion magazine. Download… https://t.co/Y5LQAFixIo

What is the guiding principle of the LASA?

LASA GUIDING PRINCIPLE: To provide quality service and apply technology to process wastewater so as to protect and enhance the environment and health and well being of the community at a reasonable cost.

Is the Latin American Studies Association ( LASA ) in Canada?

LASA launches a repository of virtual events organized by institutional partners. A leading provider of digital humanities and social science content for the scholarly community around the world. Available to LASA members outside the US and Canada.