What are Apex classes in Salesforce?

What are Apex classes in Salesforce?

An Apex class is a template or blueprint from which Apex objects are created. Classes consist of other classes, user-defined methods, variables, exception types, and static initialization code.

How do I use Chatter in Apex?

Use Chatter in Apex to create custom experiences in Salesforce. Many Chatter REST API resource actions are exposed as static methods in Apex classes in the ConnectApi namespace. These classes are called Chatter in Apex. Chatter in Apex is available in all organizations and editions that have Apex enabled.

What are the best practices for Apex classes?

Other best practices for Apex include:

  • Bulkify your data manipulation language (DML) statements and use the built-in Limits methods.
  • Write comments with a good balance between quality and quantity (explain, but don’t over-explain).
  • Avoid nesting loops within loops.
  • Avoid SOQL queries and DML statements inside loops.

What are the apex best practices in Salesforce?

7 Salesforce.com Apex Coding Best Practices

  • Do not write SOQL and DML Operations inside loop statements.
  • Always Bulkify the code.
  • Make use of custom settings to avoid hardcoding IDs.
  • Write One Trigger per Object per event.
  • Optimize SOQL Queries to avoid Timeout Issues.
  • Streamline queries for better performance.

How to create an apex class in Salesforce?

To create a class in salesforce go to Setup -> Build -> Develop -> Apex Class and click on NEW button and create class there.

What can you do with chatter in apex?

Use Chatter in Apex to develop custom experiences in Salesforce. Create Apex pages that display feeds, post feed items with mentions and topics, and update user and group photos. Create triggers that update Chatter feeds. Many Chatter REST API resource actions are exposed as static methods on Apex classes in the ConnectApi namespace.

Which is an example of an apex class?

Above class is to create/insert new account. This is a simple example to create an Apex class. We will see some more example going forward. Test Class Now here we will give you an example to create a test class.

Why are test methods important in Salesforce apex?

Apex Class. Test class are allow to create test methods weather your functionality is working or not. In salesforce Test classes are very important to deploy your code to PRODUCTION. You need to cover at least 75% ( Average coverage of all classes) code coverage by using test methods in salesoforce to deploy your classes to PRODUCTION.