The Top 10 Reasons To Consider Hiring AngularJS Developers To Scale Your Firm

The Top 10 Reasons To Consider Hiring AngularJS Developers To Scale Your Firm

Mobile app usage is on the rise worldwide, with billions of dollars in revenues at stake. If you want a slice of the global market for your products, then you need to create stunning mobile apps that provide an exciting user experience.

There are two ways in which you can develop web application frameworks for higher user engagement and improved user experience. One of the frameworks would be Ruby on Rails. With Ruby on Rails, developers can develop applications and websites as repetitive tasks are streamlined.

To ensure you create the best applications, you need to hire the top Ruby on Rails developers. The developers should be experts, not freelancers. You need to start in a small way and scale up the number of developers you hire.

Another framework that will improve the user experience of your mobile app would be AngularJS. When you hire AngularJS developers, you should check their experience and the projects they have worked on. They should be experts in their chosen area to add value to your mobile app.

Top 10 Reasons for Hiring AngularJS Developers

The Top 10 Reasons To Consider Hiring AngularJS Developers To Scale Your Firm

Given below are a few reasons why you should consider hiring AngularJS developers:

User Interface:

If you want to engage customers, then you’ve got to ensure your app or website has an appealing user interface. Customers are looking for an easily navigable user interface to help them get the information they want. The more user-friendly your user interface, the more traffic your website or your mobile app is likely to generate.

AngularJS provides a high-quality interface for web and mobile apps. If customer engagement is your goal, AngularJS will be your best tool for achieving it. The apps are user-friendly and lightweight.

Faster Development

To get the early mover advantage, you need to develop the web or mobile app in the minimum possible time. AngularJS makes the development of web apps much easier for mobile apps.

AngularJS developers don’t focus only on building mobile applications; they achieve this by splitting the mobile application building process in the MVC architecture. Developers save on time and can meet deadlines efficiently.

Easy Web Design Creation

AngularJS makes the process of creating web designs much more comfortable because it uses less coding. Other frameworks require extensive time spent on coding and going into the details of a language for the implementation of complex solutions.

Interactive designs are possible in a much shorter time frame with AngularJS, as developers use HTML and not JavaScript.

Easier Error Detection

When you use AngularJS for the development of a mobile application, it is easier to detect errors and coding defects. It helps you meet the project deadline faster.

The reason for this is that AngularJS goes through extensive testing when the software is being developed, and the developers are familiar with all aspects of the software. Troubleshooting does not take much time.

Speed of Development:

Since AngularJS developers work on an MVC or Model-view-controller architecture, testing the software is easy. The MVC architecture not only speeds up the application development process, but it also provides alternative ways to access your app, it integrates with JavaScript, allows frequent changes to the user interface, and it supports SEO-friendly web pages.

Use of Modules:

When the project is split up into different modules, the workflow improves along with the result. This point is where AngularJS has the edge over other software, as it enables the developer to create different modules for the project.

The use of different modules makes the mobile app development process more flexible, functional, and ensures better architecture. Separation of concern is enabled with modules. The different parts that comprise an application like directives, factories, filters, service, and controller are contained in a module.

The main software program is broken down into smaller, more manageable schedules. It makes testing, implementation, and designing of each separate module much more straightforward. More than one programmer can work on one application, resulting in a faster workflow.

Data Binding:

AngularJS allows for two-way data binding. It means that you can see changes made to the previous modules instantly. Data can be exchanged from the view to the component and component to view.

When any changes are made to the app data, then the user interface changes. Conversely, if any amendments are made to the user interface, the app data changes. AngularJS developers can build more interactive and dynamic web applications due to two-way binding as it enables data exchange.

Organize Stored Data

Filters help in organizing data and help in speeding up the development process. You get different filters when you use Angular JS like OrderBy, Uppercase, LowerCase, Number, and more. Creating database search functionality becomes more straightforward, and so does providing the user with significant bits of data.

The data displayed on the user interface can be formatted using filters without any change in the original format. Filters are used in services, controllers, and templates.

You can show the relevant filters because of the lack of space on the mobile phone screen. With AngularJS, the filters are easily visible, and changes can be made without any hassles. You can create different types of filters like filter overlays, fullscreen filtering, and filter form.

Custom Directives:

AngularJS removes any limits in the framework by creating HTML customer directives. It improves the functionality of HTML. The custom directives help in creating an auto-focused input element that the user sees when the application is opened.

Styling the input element can also be achieved with custom directives. The visual impact has a vital role to play when it comes to customer engagement.

SPA Features:

There is a lot of SPA or single page application features that are made possible with Angular JS. The creation and control of online forms are much more manageable with SPA. The workflow of the entire team improves, and the whole application development process becomes much more relaxed.

It is easier to deploy a SPA or single page application. Only the required content gets updated and not the entire page. If the app loads faster than others, it improves the user experience.

Due to the caching capabilities of the SPA, local data synchronization is possible even if the connectivity of the user is poor. The user gets a simple linear experience. It allows a complete customer journey.

Expand Your Market Share With the Right AngularJS Developer

If your app provides a great user experience, you can expect exponential growth in your market share. However, you need to keep in mind that designing a great app would depend on hiring the right AngularJS developer.

Hire the right developer and take your company to the next level!