Is there a good ending to School Days?

Is there a good ending to School Days?

Depending on these choices, the outcome of the story will either be good or bad. School Days became popularly known for its bad endings, which depict the deaths of characters. The game’s good endings, by contrast, depict the well-being of characters and their relationships.

How many bad endings does School Days have?

His classmate Sekai Saionji helps introduce the two and encourages their relationship, despite the fact that she has hidden feelings for Makoto herself. From this set-up, the game has over twenty endings; most of them are good, some of them are bad.

Which is the best ending for Cross Days?

In Cross Days, most of the endings are devoted to Roka. However, depending on Yuuki’s involvements with Ai or Makoto, an ending with either of them can be reached too. Compared to the original game, Cross Days features more bad endings than its predecessor but isn’t as graphic in violence.

Is there an end to the days series?

The Days series of games each has multiple endings that can be received depending on the player’s choices. Strictly speaking, the endings do not have a name, but usually take their name from the final episode the route concludes with. All the endings have a main menu picture, which replaces the old one when the player finishes a play-through.

Are there any good endings to school days?

School Days The Visual Novel Main article: Endings The Good Endings. Sekai has five good endings, all of which end with her and Makoto overcoming all obstacles to be together. The Bad Endings. In Bloody End, Sekai gets her jugular sliced by Kotonoha. In To My Child, Sekai disappears for six months before returning to kill Makoto.

Are there any bad endings to summer days?

In Summer Days, most of the endings are devoted to Setsuna, Youko, and Kotonoha. Also, several endings can also be reached for Manami, Sekai, the Nijou Sisters, Karen, Otome , and Hikari. There is one bad ending which involves Mai restraining Makoto and has Setsuna whip him dominatrix style.