Is the AC-130 real?

Is the AC-130 real?

The Lockheed AC-130 gunship is a heavily armed, long-endurance, ground-attack variant of the C-130 Hercules transport, fixed-wing aircraft. Developed during the Vietnam War as “Project Gunship II”, the AC-130 replaced the Douglas AC-47 Spooky, or “Gunship I”.

Is the AC-130 armored?

The AC-130U gunship airframe is integrated with an armor protection system (APS), high resolution sensors (All Light Level Television (ALLTV), infrared detection set (IDS) and strike radar), avionics and EW systems, a sophisticated software controlled fire control system, and an armament suite consisting of side-firing …

Is there an arcade game called AC-130?

An arcade shooter game with old-school gameplay delivered in a modern. As of 2016-11-29, this project can be found here. AC-130 is an arcade shooter game with old-school gameplay delivered in a modern style.

Is there an AC-130 game for Xbox Live?

A sequel to the 2010 Xbox Live hit Toy Soldiers that is set in the 1980s and pays homage to the decade’s toys, action films and pop culture. Players control miniature soldiers from the US or Russia. Aerial zombie defense with an upgradable AC-130. Take to the skies in this Clancy-infused flight combat game.

What do you do on an AC-130 gunship?

You are a TV operator (gunner) aboard an AC-130 gunship, tasked with providing fire support to friendly troops on the ground. Inspired by the famous CoD 4 mission. fully procedurally generated content (game executable is ~350kB, ~290kB of which are the only 2 non-procedurally generated textures)

How old do you have to be to play AC-130 gunship simulator?

To summarise, AC-130:Gunship Simulator Special Ops Squadron needs around a 11 year old PC to play at recommended settings. What’s your user review score for AC-130:Gunship Simulator Special Ops Squadron?