Is Pairo related to Kurapika?

Is Pairo related to Kurapika?

Pairo (パイロ, Pairo) was a member of the Kurta Clan and a childhood friend of Kurapika.

Who is smarter Killua or Kurapika?

Both Kurapika and Killua are intellectually gifted with strengths in different areas. When one needs to get out of a sticky situation, there’s no going wrong with either. Kurapika is far smarter than him.

Does canary have a crush on Killua?

Though they have no dialogue, Canary is shown to be utterly loyal to Killua. She vows to give her all in supporting him since he is relying on her, and everything she does in the arc is ultimately for his sake.

Who is the strongest Kurapika Killua or Gon?

As such, Kurapika is slightly stronger than Gon, with the potential of getting even stronger over time.

Which is the correct choice between Killua and Kurapika?

Kurapika is the correct choice for everything people already mentionned. Kurapika threatened a Zodiac (who considering they’re Ging’s peers would wipe out the floor with him) cause he pointed out the obvious that kurapika has been searching for his clans eyes. Killua is nowhere near as edgy as he was in the beginning.

Why does Kurapika wear black contact lenses in Nen?

After learning Nen, he starts using black contact lenses in order to hide his Scarlet Eyes . Kurapika is an intelligent individual, possessing vast knowledge. He is reticent; not one to open up to people easily and quite judgmental.

Who is the teacher in Hunter and Kurapika?

Izunavi (イズナビ, Izunabi) is a Hunter and Kurapika ‘s Nen teacher.

What does Izunavi tell Kurapika about Nen?

Using the equation analogy, he explains that applying Nen adds to one’s power and making a Nen contract multiplies it. He warns Kurapika about the double-edged nature and tells him that if he breaks the vow, he could completely lose his Nen abilities.