Is DaTscan safe?

Is DaTscan safe?

During pregnancy, DaTscan should be used only if needed. Any radiopharmaceutical, including DaTscan, may cause fetal harm.

What medications should not be taken before a DaTscan?

Medicines that bind to the dopamine transporter with high affinity may therefore interfere with DaTSCAN diagnosis. These include amfetamine, benzatropine, buproprion, cocaine, mazindol, methylphenidate, phentermine and sertraline.

Is a DaTscan radioactive?

DaTscan is a radioactive drug that is injected into your bloodstream to highlight areas of your brain so that images can be taken with a special camera (called a single-photon emission computed tomography [SPECT] camera).

What is injected for DaTscan?

DaTscan is a drug that is injected into the bloodstream to assess dopamine containing neurons, which are involved in controlling movement. One of our subspecialized imaging physicians will then use a gamma camera to take pictures of your brain.

What happens if you have pain during a SPECT scan?

The scan doesn’t cause pain, so if you experience pain or discomfort, be sure to let your doctor or technician know so that they can help you get more comfortable. Once the scan is completed, you can usually leave and resume your daily activities right away.

What are the results of a brain SPECT scan?

Results. Pictures from your scan may show colors that tell your doctor what areas of your body absorbed more of the radioactive tracer and which areas absorbed less. For instance, a brain SPECT image might show a lighter color where brain cells are less active and darker colors where brains cells are more active.

When to start SPECT imaging after DaTSCAN administration?

The Effective Dose resulting from a DaTscan administration with an administered activity of 185 MBq (5 mCi) is 3.94 mSv in an adult. Begin SPECT imaging 3 to 6 hours following DaTscan administration.

Where does a DaTSCAN attach to the brain?

It attaches itself to the dopamine transporter, a molecule found on dopamine neurons. Several hours after the tracer has been injected, special imaging equipment scans the head to detect the presence of DaTscan.