How quickly does AlgaeFix work?

How quickly does AlgaeFix work?

“Algaefix when used as directed will dissipate in the aquarium after a 24 hour period. So if you wait 48 hours past adding the product you can add the crustaceans then they should be ok. I usually recommend 48 hours just to be on the safe side, therefor if you add the product last week you should be in the clear.”

Can AlgaeFix kill fish?

Will not harm fish or plants when used as directed. Caution: Do not overdose. Do not use ALGAEFIX with freshwater crustaceans including shrimp crabs and lobsters.

Can I use AlgaeFix in saltwater?

API MARINE ALGAEFIX Algae Control effectively controls these types of algae: Green algae, “Red Slime”, and “Brown algae” in saltwater aquariums. Works fast. Will not harm marine fish, corals or other invertebrates when used as directed.

Is AlgaeFix reef safe?

As a reef safe aquarium algaecide, ALGAEFIX MARINE controls many types of algae in marine and reef aquariums including Red Slime Algae and Brown Algae. It will not harm marine fish, corals and other invertebrates and Will not harm coralline algae.

Is the algaefix marine product safe for fish?

The label claims it will control green algae, slime algae, brown algae, and filamentous (hair) algae. It is marketed as a reef-safe product harmless to fish, corals, and invertebrates, without the usual soft invertebrate exceptions found in the fine print. I decided to put this product to the test.

How often should you use API algaefix algae control?

In the description on this page it states……”To treat algae, add 1 ml per 10 gallons of water and REPEAT FOR 3 DAYS until algae is controlled.” On the actual bottle it states….”Repeat dose EVERY 3 DAYS until algae is controlled.”

How long does it take to make algaefix marine?

Some do this in a matter of minutes, while others may take months or years. API claims that Algaefix® does so in 24 hours. There are three versions of Algaefix® on the shelves. One for freshwater, one for marine, and one for ponds. All three products are identical sans the labeling.

How much algaefix to use per gallon of water?

We cannot overemphasize on proper dosage of ALGAEFIX. The instructions read, 1 teaspoon (5 mm) per 50 U.S gallons of water. Considering the high potency, use a specific measuring cup. Medicine cups and syringes work just as fine too. A turkey baster can come in handy with precise measurements and spraying them on spots.