How often should I worm my chickens with Flubenvet?

How often should I worm my chickens with Flubenvet?

WORM every 3 months – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. WORM more frequently as recommended by a vet or animal health advisor if a worm problem is suspected.

Is Flubenvet POM V?

Flubenvet 60g pots are not POM-VPS medicines per se, but rather medicated premixtures (POM-VPS medicines mixed with other feed materials).

Who makes Flubenvet?

FLUBENVET 5% w/w Premix is a classic anthelmintic for poultry from ELANCO containing generic flubendazole. Flubendazole is a veteran anthelmintic introduced in the 1970s (by JANSSEN).

Is Flubenvet the same as fenbendazole?

They are 2 different drugs. Flubenvet is flubendazole, and used in some other countries in the feed for 6 days. Most of England and the UK use it, but it’s not available here. SafeGuard and Panacur are fenbendazole, which in chickens are used orally once, and repeated in 10 days.

Is the Flubenvet feed Wormer safe for chickens?

Flubenvet contains the active ingredient Flubendazole which has no adverse effect on egg laying or hatching. It is the only licensed in feed wormer for chickens currently available in the UK.

What kind of Wormer do you use on chickens?

Flubenvet 2.5% poultry wormer is a medicated feed supplement commonly used to worm chickens, turkeys and geese.

Where can you buy Flubenvet in the US?

Flubenvet has to be used 7 consecutive days in the feed, and repeated in 3 weeks for 7 consecutive days. But no egg withdrawal. Here’s a link for UK purchase: Thanks, but they don’t ship to the US either.

How many layers of Flubenvet to buy per chicken?

You will need to buy the same amount that your poultry would consume in a week on normal layers pellets, as Marriages Layers Pellets with Flubenvet acts as a replacement. As a quick example, 1kg per bird or one 10kg bag for 10 birds over a week.