How much is Lloyd Williams worth?

How much is Lloyd Williams worth?

Net worth

Year Financial Review Rich List
Rank Net worth (A$)
2017 $784 million
2018 95 $787 million
2019 100 $914 million

What nationality is Lloyd Williams?

Lloyd Williams/Nationality

Is Lloyd Williams a trainer?

Hickmott will resume training for Williams but will continue to run his own business. Macedon Lodge went on the market in 2019 before Williams dispersed his horses among trainers, including Danny O’Brien and Anthony Freedman, in the expectation the property would be sold.

How many Melbourne Cups has Lloyd Williams one?

seven Melbourne Cups
Many pointed to the success of the horse’s wealthy property developer owner, Lloyd Williams, who has now won seven Melbourne Cups.

Why did Lloyd Williams join the Victoria Racing Club?

He joined the Victoria Racing Club committee in 1990 determined to resurrect the prestige of the Melbourne Cup by making it a truly international race. Williams, along with fellow committee members have succeeded in maintaining the Melbourne Cup as a prestige event in modern day racing.

Why is Lloyd Williams so good at horse racing?

β€˜He’s got it so down pat, down to the minute for those horses going into that race and that’s where his business sense comes in – because it runs like clockwork and he has the horses ready to go for that race every year.’ Canberra trainer Todd Smart, who spent two years working as a foreman for Williams . Read more here.

Why did Lloyd Williams take his team back to Australia?

Powerful owner Lloyd Williams has decided to take the majority of his team back to Macedon Lodge to be prepared by former trainer Robert Hickmott. Hickmott teamed up with Williams to win Melbourne Cups with Green Moon in 2012 and Almandin in 2016 before leaving Macedon Lodge to train in his own right at Caulfield.

Where is Lloyd Williams going to build his new racing base?

The proposed site for Williams’ new racing base on the Mornington Peninsula promises to be just as remarkable in design as his establishment at Mount Macedon.