How much is a golden penny worth?

How much is a golden penny worth?

Gold cents have little if any value to most diehard coin collectors and may fetch 50 cents to $1 each in the novelty coin market. In sum, gold pennies are not rare. And these gold coins are not made by the U.S. Mint.

Why does my penny look gold?

When the zinc-covered penny is heated, the copper atoms of the penny and the zinc atoms that coat the penny mix and turn gold in color. This mixing of metals is an alloy called “yellow brass.” Artists often work with alloys like bronze, steel or brass because of their durability, malleability and color.

How much is a 2000 Lincoln Memorial penny worth?

The difference between the close “AM” and wide “AM” varieties are shown in the example image below. Click the image to enlarge: USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 2000 Lincoln Memorial Penny (Wide AM Variety) is Worth $22 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition. Click here to Learn How to use Coin Price Charts.

What’s the difference between a 2000 and 2000 AM Penny?

The most common variety for 2000 is the close “AM” variety. Although the one shown above is the rarer wide “AM” variety for this year. In the word “AMERICA” on the reverse of the coin: The close “AM” meant that the letters “A” and “M” were very close and almost touching while the wide “AM” had the two letters separated much more.

What’s the difference between a 1999 and a 2000 Lincoln cent?

They are the opposite of the previous coins: the 1998,1999, and 2000 WAMs. They are CLose AMs or CLAMs. The dies used to make these coins were probably business strike dies that got sent to the San Francisco Mint by mistake. These coins have the AM in America touching and the FG being farther from the Memorial Building.

What’s the difference between 1988 D and 1988 p coins?

However the number of “found” coins total 3 to 1 for the 1988 P over the 1988 D. A possible reason for this is that the Denver mint discovered the mix-up early in the striking of these coins, and removed all of the 1989 reverse dies. This is why the 1988 D is currently very rare and the 1988 P is just listed as rare.