How much is a Ginny doll worth?

How much is a Ginny doll worth?

According to Carchedi, an original hard plastic Ginny doll that sold for $3.95 in the 1950s can today command as much as $250, depending on the condition and model.

Do they still make Ginny dolls?

In 1951, Ginny was officially born, named after Jennie Grave’s daughter Virginia. Ginny was so popular that many tried to emulate her, and an entire group of 8″ dolls appeared on the market in the 1950’s. Today, the Ginny dolls of the 50’s are considered highly collectible and desirable.

WHAT IS A Ginny doll?

By 1951, demand for the miniature fashion doll had grown and Graves renamed the new hard-plastic series “Ginny” dolls, after her oldest daughter, Virginia. By 1954, the dolls incorporated more realistic features, such as sleeping eyes or jointed walking legs, and accessories like a tiny stuffed terrier by Steiff.

Are there any old Vogue Ginny dolls left?

NO DOLLS. Vintage 1951 Vogue Painted Lash Strung Ginny Doll Tina Excellent! Vintage Vogue Ginny Dolls Lot of 5 Dolls. NIB Vogue Dolls Hi!

What was the name of the first Ginny doll?

The first plastic Ginny products were marked “VOGUE” on their heads and “VOGUE DOLL” on their bodies, sometimes including a patent number. The series of miniature toddlers in stylish adult clothing was sold in packaging that read “Fashion Leaders in Doll Society.”

How tall is the Vogue strung Ginny doll?

VTG VOGUE GINNY DOLL GORGEOUS TRANSITIONAL EYES IN ’54 CANDY DANDY #53 COMPLETE! Vintage Vogue Strung Ginny Doll Tosca Hair Beauty! RARE 1953 Vogue strung Ginny PAMELA Debutante doll with ORIGINAL BOX & CLOTHES! Vogue strung Ginny doll 7.5 inches.

What kind of dress did Ginny Margie wear?

VINTAGE VOGUE STRUNG GINNY MARGIE 1953! Lovely 1952 Vogue Strung Ginny SHADOW ORGANDY Dress & Panty – HTF ! All Original Vogue Toddles, Great! Vogue Ginny Doll, Strung Wearing Tagged Pamela Outfit. Long Paintbrush Braids Vintage Doll Cases Vogue? VTG VOGUE GINNY DOLL GORGEOUS TRANSITIONAL EYES IN ’54 CANDY DANDY #53 COMPLETE!