How much does femtocell cost?

How much does femtocell cost?

Critics point to the many fees associated with Sprint’s Airave femtocell service. First, there’s the $100 cost of the box. Then there’s the $5 monthly service charge, in addition to the fee for your regular calling plan and minutes used.

Why did AT stop selling microcells?

Why the MicroCell was Discontinued But the MicroCell hadn’t been updated in some time – and it relied on older 3G technology, rather than providing newer LTE service. Cisco was the main manufacturer of AT’s MicroCell, and they announced that they were discontinuing their line of femtocells in mid-2017.

What is a femtocell network extender?

A femtocell, sometimes called a microcell, is a low-power base station that works with your broadband Internet connection to enhance cell phone coverage by creating a signal source, a “micro” cell site, inside your home. For consumer use, the coverage area is typically a single room.

Can a femtocell be used as a WiFi router?

Femtocells create a local cellular network, similar to how a Wi-Fi routers create a Wi-Fi network. But instead of communicating back to AT’s network wirelessly, it used your existing Internet connection. Femtocells are still popular devices, and Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint all still sell femtocells for their networks.

Where can I buy a femtocell for free?

This list is mainly residential femtocells. Some network operators offer femtocells to their business customers and don’t list these on their websites. Others may provide them only to customers who complain or are about to leave. In some cases, the product is supplied free to higher value customers. Believed to be discontinued.

Is there a 3G / 4G femtocell architecture and design?

3G/4G Femtocell Architecture and Design BRKSPM-5127© 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Public1 BRKSPM-5127 3G/4G Femtocell Architecture and Design Dave Burns July 12, 2011 Manager, Systems Engineering BRKSPM-5127 © 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Public2

How is femtocell technology accelerating the mass market?

Femtocell Market Accelerates Mass Market FemtocellAdoption Technology challenges are being ironed out Luh standardized and gains momentum Interference problem solved in mass market Femtofrom/to macro handover Provisioning and Management still in the works Market launches are driven by HSPA