How much do Aspen Lift tickets cost?

How much do Aspen Lift tickets cost?

For the regular season (Jan. 4 to Feb. 11) the prices are $174 and $189 for a weekend and the peak season (Feb. 12 to April 4) the prices are $179 and $194.

How much does it cost to rent skis in Aspen?

Purchase in Advance and Save

Premium Ski $74.95 $67.46
Standard Ski $64.95 $58.46
Adult Ski or Snowboard Boot $39.95 $35.96
Poles $12.95 $11.66

Do you need reservations to ski in Aspen?

For the four Aspen-area mountains — Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Snowmass and Buttermilk — reservations will not be required for Aspen Snowmass pass holders. Reservations will be required for Ikon Pass holders, who can make their reservations on the Ikon Pass website.

Is Vail or Aspen more expensive?

Budget and Expense Aspen proves to be more expensive compared to Vail; the major reason for this is that it has four different resorts (Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, Snowmass, and Ajax), while Vail only has one. However, both cities appear to provide the same sense of luxury.

When can you ski in Aspen?

The Colorado mountain town of Aspen is anything but sleepy, especially during winter ski season. Four ski areas in town open as early as November, with slopes suited for beginners or black-diamond experts looking for a challenge until the slopes close in mid-April.

Where is Aspen ski resort?

Aspen [19] is a ski resort in the state of Colorado in the Rocky Mountains region of the United States of America. Its little sister is Snowmass Village , which is about 10 miles from downtown Aspen.

What are ski lift tickets?

A lift ticket or lift pass is an identifier usually attached to a skier’s or snowboarder ‘s outerwear that indicates they have paid and can ride on the ski lift(s) that transport people and equipment up or down a mountain.

What is Aspen Skiing Company?

The Aspen Skiing Company, known locally as Ski Co, is a commercial enterprise based in Aspen, Colorado. The Aspen Skiing Company operates the Aspen/Snowmass resort complex, comprising four ski areas: Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, and Snowmass.