How many rack units is a Cisco 4510r?

How many rack units is a Cisco 4510r?

Table 1-3 describes the features of the Catalyst 4506-E switch chassis….Catalyst 4506-E Switch.

Item Specification
Dimensions (H x W x D) and rack units (RU) 17.38 x 17.31 x 12.50 in. (44.13 x 43.97 x 31.70 cm) 10 RU

Which Supervisor Module can be used in the Cisco Catalyst 4510r chassis?

WS-C4507R+E and WS-C4510R+E chassis support up to 24 Gbps per line-card slot when used with Supervisor Engine 6-E. The Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series offers a powerful and flexible network solution that can be built with eight supervisor engine alternatives.

How do I test a Cisco switch power supply?

Use the show environment status command to check the power supply status. You can use the power supply EXEC command to configure and manage the internal power supply on the device. The device does not support the no power supply EXEC command.

What is Supervisor Engine Cisco switch?

Supervisor Engine is a module that is installed in the Cisco Chassis-based Catalyst Switches or Routers. Supervisor engine contains nearly all the same components of a fixed Cisco Switches or Routers.

What are the features of the catalyst 4510 switch?

The Catalyst 4510R-E switch is a 10-slot horizontal chassis supporting redundant power supplies, redundant supervisor engines, and slots for up to nine modules. Figure 1-4 shows a front view of the Catalyst 4510R-E switch with the chassis major features identified. Table 1-7 describes the features of the Catalyst 4510R-E switch.

What kind of power supply does catalyst 4500r need?

Note On the Catalyst 4510R switch, the 1000 W AC power supply is not enough to support redundant mode for all possible configurations. It is able to support redundant mode for limited configurations that require less than 1000 W. Note The 1400 W DC power supply supports combined mode for data power.

How much Poe does a catalyst 4503 have?

A Catalyst 4503 with a Catalyst 4500 series Supervisor Engine II-Plus TS and a 1400W AC power supply provides 158.4 W of PoE to ports on the supervisor engine. Switching modules in other slots will not be able to provide PoE.

How big is a Catalyst 4500 supervisor engine?

116 ports when using a Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine II-Plus TS, 96 ports with other supervisor engines Maximum weight: 75 lb (34 kg). Power Supply: Weight varies according to the module. Refer to the Catalyst 4500 Series Power Supplies for the module you are using. Table A-2 lists the Catalyst 4506 switch specifications.