How long does it take to charge a Surface Pro 3?

How long does it take to charge a Surface Pro 3?

The Surface Pro 3 can charge from zero percent to 80 percent battery in two hours and a full 100 percent in four hours.

Is there another way to charge a Surface Pro 3?

Fortunately, there is a workaround that lets you charge your Surface Pro 3 with any compatible USB-C PD charger and battery pack. As an increasingly in USB-C with Power Delivery chargers in the market, using a USB-C to Surface Connect charging cable seems to be the best option right now for Surface users.

Can I charge my surface 3 With a phone charger?

You can charge your phone or other USB gadgetry from the USB port of any Surface. If possible, though, plug your Surface into the wall first to avoid draining its battery. In a pinch, you can charge any Surface with the charger from any other Surface model.

How long should a Surface Pro 3 battery last?

Coming in at nearly 13 hours and 15 minutes, the Surface Pro 2 with Power Cover and in Power Saver mode is the clear winner for duration. That said, at around 11 hours and 45 minutes, the Surface Pro 3 is pretty impressive as well, especially considering how light it is.

Can you charge Surface Pro 3 with USB-C?

Yes, you can usually charge your Surface with the USB-C port. However, we highly recommend using the charger that came with your Surface because the charging speed with a USB-C cable can be very slow, depending on the power supply and cable you’re using.

How do I charge my Surface 3?

If you have a Surface 3, you can recharge from just about any source at any time. Not only does the Surface 3 last longer on a single charge, thanks to its more energy-efficient architecture, but if it gets low, you can add juice from just about any USB power source using any industry standard micro USB cable.

Does Surface laptop 3 have fast charging?

The Laptop 3 does have a new fast-charging feature, which Microsoft says can bring the laptop to an 80 percent charge from nothing in less than an hour.

What do I need to fast charge my Microsoft Surface?

Fast Charging requires two main things: Enough power delivered over the Microsoft Surface power supply that came with your Surface device, or any USB Type-C PD charger rated at the same wattage or higher. Note: For Surface Go and Surface Go 2, you’ll need to buy a different power supply or USB Type-C PD charger rated at 60W or higher.

Where does the charging port go on a surface 3?

You can plug the charging connector into the charging port on your Surface in either direction, except on Surface 3 where the charging connector must be plugged in with cable extending down and the LED indicator facing you.

What’s the best temperature to charge a Surface Pro?

The proper temperature range for charging—between 25C (77F) and 35C (95F). Note: If you have a Surface Dock and use the 90W power adapter that came with it, Fast Charging can be used when you connect your dock to your Surface.

How can I tell if my Surface Pro is fully charged?

While your Surface is charging, the LED indicator on the tip of the power supply’s charging connector is lit to show your Surface is getting power, and the battery icon will show an electrical plug. Select the battery icon to see an estimate of how long it should take until the device is fully charged.