How fast does a Whizzer Motorbike go?

How fast does a Whizzer Motorbike go?

40 mph
Sometimes we come across an item of importance for motorcycling history that isn’t actually a motorcycle as we think of it by today’s definition. Our subject is just such a machine: the Whizzer Pacemaker. Top Speed: 40 mph (Est.)

Where was Whizzer made?

Whizzer moved its main production facilities from southern California to Pontiac, Michigan. This enabled them to use the nearby auto-production facilities to outsource the manufacture of most of the Whizzer components.

How do you start a Schwinn Whizzer?

To start the engine, you flipped a “compresssion” lever on the handlebars to hold the exhaust valve open and started pedaling. Once the engine began turning over, you released the compression lever and the thing would start running.

What kind of engine is a whizzer bike?

Whizzer (motorcycles) 1952 Whizzer Pacemaker “700” Series, 3 horse 8.45 cu. in. (138.47 cc) $189.33. Whizzer bicycle engines are a line of bicycle engines that were produced in the United States from 1939 to 1965. They were commonly sold as kits to be assembled and attached to a consumer’s bicycle thus creating a motorized bicycle.

Who was the owner of the Whizzer Motor Company?

The Whizzer operation was then sold to Dietrich Kohlsatt and Martin Goldman. By 1943, World War II was well underway, and Whizzer Motors were forced to lobby the United States Government for the right to continue production of what was argued to be a great way for defense workers to travel to and from work.

What was the price of a whizzer 300 motorbike?

These changes resulted in a 3 hp engine that could reach speeds of 40 mph. Whizzer sold about 15,000 Model “300” motors at $109.97 each. Whizzer released the “Sportsman” motorbike, which was much more like a real motorcycle.

Where can I buy a 1948 Whizzer motorcycle?

Phone calls ONLY to 412-780-9908 1948 Whizzer Model H, Engine: 148cc, 30,000 miles, Exterior: Red, Interior: Red, VIN: 120789, Garage Kept, Chrome Wheels, Spoke Wheels, Trailer, Stock Seat, Long Pipes. Asking $3,500. Located in ZEPHYR COVE NV 89448, Contact Reed at 775-720-8487 for more information.