How fast does a BRZ go 0-60?

How fast does a BRZ go 0-60?

2012 Subaru BRZ 0-60, quarter mile, specs

0-60 mph 6.9 seconds
Year introduced 2012
Displacement 2000 cubic centimeters (2.0 liters / 122 cubic inches)
Maximum power 200 metric horsepower (197 brake horsepower / 147 kilowatts) @ 7000 rpm
Maximum torque 205 Newton-meters (151 pound-feet) @ 6600 rpm

Are BRZS slow?

The auto brz is something like a full second slower to 60 than its manual counterpart. I borrow a BRZ often. I really like how it drives and feels. I feel like within the limits of most on street activities and back roads this is a fun car to drive.

How fast does a Subaru BRZ go?

2022 Subaru BRZ Ride-Along: We Can’t Wait

2022 Subaru BRZ Specifications
ON SALE Fall 2021
WEIGHT 2,815-2,881 lb
0-60 MPH 5.5 sec (est)
TOP SPEED 145 mph (est)

What does BRZ stand for in Subaru BRZ?

When two amazing car companies come together to build a car, the result in most cases is something phenomenal. Take the Subaru BRZ, BRZ standing for Boxer, Rear Wheel Drive Zenith, as an example. The two-door coupe was jointly designed and put together by Toyota and Subaru.

How to compare Subaru BRZ 0-60 time evolution?

You may compare BRZ 0-60 time evolution across all the trims and years. Also, consider Subaru BRZ quarter mile performance specs. Comparing cars is a real fun.

What’s the difference between the BRZ and the 2022?

The 2022 BRZ introduces the second generation of Subaru’s lightweight sports cars. Not only does the coupe sit about 0.5 inch lower and span about 1 inch longer, its bodywork is more distinguished than before. Its interior is reimagined with more technology without sacrificing practicality.

What’s the quarter mile acceleration of a Subaru BRZ?

Also, consider Subaru BRZ quarter mile performance specs. Comparing cars is a real fun. Since 0-60 time has been considered the golden standard of cars’ performance, let’s put BRZ face to face with the rivals by analyzing 0 to 60 mph, 60 to 80 mph and a quarter mile acceleration data.