How do you care for a fuchsia Magellanica?

How do you care for a fuchsia Magellanica?

Fertilize the hardy fuchsia monthly with a complete, balanced, water-soluble fertilizer when it is actively growing and flowering or less frequently with a granular, slow-release fertilizer sprinkled over the ground around the shrub and watered in.

Is fuchsia A Genii Hardy?

Fuchsia Genii grow well out in the garden in any good well drained soil, these are hardy shrubs but a cold winter and hard frosts may well kill of the top growth back to ground level, new growth will emerge from the base in Spring, probably even stronger than before.

How do you plant fuchsia Magellanica?

Like all fuchsias, Fuchsia magellanica thrives in fertile, moist but well-drained soil, in a sheltered spot in partial shade. For best results, grow in a sheltered spot away from cold winter winds, and mulch the roots with a thick dressing of well-rotted manure or compost in autumn.

How long does a fuchsia live?

As for the how long they live for I would guess that a fuchsia will live around 30 years. Because the plant has memories for you I would suggest that you take a cutting and either grow it elsewhere in your garden or give it away to a friend.

Is the Fuchsia magellanica a hardy flower?

Hardy fuchsia is no exception. Fuchsia magellanica and its hybrids are the hardiest fuchsias available. These extraordinary bloomers deliver reliable winter hardiness in Zones 6 to 9. Winter survival seems to depend in part on soil drainage.

When to cut back Fuchsia magellanica for winter?

It’s also wise to heap loose, well-draining mulch around the base of a hardy fuchsia. Aim for a layer that’s 4 to 6 inches deep. Wait to prune hardy fuchsia until early spring, after new growth starts to show and all danger of frost is past. Remove the winter mulch, and cut plants back hard—to 3 to 4 inches tall.

What kind of plant is a fuchsia plant?

Fuchsia magellanica, commonly known as the hummingbird fuchsia or hardy fuchsia, is a species of flowering plant in the evening primrose family Onagraceae, native to the lower Southern Cone of southern South America.

When to start slow release fertilizer for Fuchsia magellanica?

Like all fuchsias, hardy fuchsia is a heavy feeder. Work slow release fertilizer into the base of planting holes and also into soil you’ll tuck around the root ball. For established plants, scratch slow release fertilizer into soil in early spring and continue every four to six weeks until mid-August.