How do you call struts action?

How do you call struts action?

Struts 2 “action” tag is used to call action class directly from a JSP page. if the “executeResult” attribute is set to true, the content of the result page will be rendered directly in the current page.

What is strut action mapping?

An action mapping is a configuration file entry that usually contains a reference to an Action class. This entry can contain a reference to a form bean that the action can use, and can also define local forwards and exceptions that are visible only to this action.

What is the role of action model in Struts 2 framework?

Actions are the core of the Struts2 framework, as they are for any MVC (Model View Controller) framework. Secondly, the action must assist the framework in determining which result should render the view that will be returned in the response to the request. …

How to create an action in Struts 2?

Create Action. The only requirement for actions in Struts2 is that there must be one noargument method that returns either a String or Result object and must be a POJO. If the no-argument method is not specified, the default behavior is to use the execute() method.

What is the action mapping in Apache Struts?

The Action mapping above also specified that if the execute method of class HelloWorldAction returns success then the view HelloWorld.jsp will be returned to the browser. This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of writing the controller logic in the Action class. Action classes act as the controller in the MVC pattern.

What are the parts of coding a Struts 2?

Coding a Struts 2 Action involves several parts: Mapping an action to a class Mapping a result to a view Writing the controller logic in the Action class In the previous tutorials we covered how to configure Struts to map a URL such as hello.actionto an Action class such as HelloWorldAction(specifically the execute method). Action Mapping

Which is an example of a struts class?

ActionSupport class. It is a convenient class that implements many interfaces such as Action, Validateable, ValidationAware, TextProvider, LocaleProvider and Serializable . So it is mostly used instead of Action. Example of Struts Action that extends ActionSupport class. Let’s see the example of Action class that extends the ActionSupport class.