How do I report deer harvest in KY?

How do I report deer harvest in KY?

Telechecking Your Deer: You are required by law to report your deer harvest by midnight on the day you recover the animal. You can do this by phone at 1-800-245-4263 or telecheck online.

Does Kentucky Fish and Wildlife have an app?

Now, there’s an app for that. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife has partnered with tip411 to offer the public a way to submit anonymous tips using the new KFWLaw smartphone app or by text message and the web. Similar technology has helped reduce crime in communities nationwide.

Does Kentucky have a hunting app?

GET THE EXPLORER APP from ArcGIS on your smart phone’s app store to NAVIGATE ON WMAs real-time. Works on public hunting lands and waters…

Can you deer hunt with a .223 in Kentucky?

Yes its big enough. The military use them everyday. You can kill a Deer with a 22 short if it hit in vital area. Yes it is leagle to hunt with.Im planning on starting this year with my AR.

How to check a harvested animal in Kentucky?

Hunters can either call 800-245-4263 to check in their harvest or use the online​ telecheck system. Checking a harvested animal takes about five minutes. Entering false information is unlawful.

When do you need to TeleCheck a deer in Kentucky?

If the hide or head is removed from the carcass of a harvested deer or elk before the animal is telechecked, the hunter must demonstrate proof of the sex of the deer or elk. Telecheck is available 24 hours a day while hunting seasons are open.

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