How do I remove copyright from PrestaShop?

How do I remove copyright from PrestaShop?

  1. Go to: themes/classic(or your theme)/templates/_partials/footer.tpl (Homepage) Go to: themes/classic(or your theme)/templates/checkout/_partials/footer.tpl (Checkout page)
  2. You can edit link, copyright text and company name as shown below:
  3. Now Save the changes. All modification applied in your front office.

How do I change the header in PrestaShop?

Header links

  1. The header links of the PrestaShop template are defined by the Permanent links block module.To add an element to it or remove it, you should edit the themes/themeXXX/modules/blockpermanentlinks/blockpermanentlinks-header.
  2. Open the file using any code editor.
  3. Save the changes and refresh your website.

How do I change the copyright text in Magento 2?

Steps to Change Copyright Notice in Magento 2

  1. Log in to Magento 2 admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Content > Configuration.
  3. Click Edit for selecting the store view.
  4. Expand Footer and update copyright notice under the Copyright area.
  5. After updating, click Save Configuration.

How to edit footer copyright in PrestaShop 1.6?

Select the theme which you use and the desired language. Click on the button “Modify”. Search for this string: ” [1]Ecommerce software by %s [/1] “, which will be under the section ” blockcms “. Good! Now you changed the text, but it’s still linked to official Prestashop page and using the Prestashop title.

How to edit footer menu with layout in Magento?

To edit the footer menu with layout, you need to know whether the theme is installed in app/design directory or in vendor. Go to FTP, proceed to magento folder and then to app/design folder. If the latter is empty, then you have a standard or a third-party theme installed in the vendor folder.

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