How do I fix Skyrim freezing on PS3?

How do I fix Skyrim freezing on PS3?

2 Answers

  1. Clean up your PS3’s drive and ensure that you have at least 2G of free space.
  2. Go into the saved data utility and delete all “corrupted file” items that you find there.
  3. Launch the game and open the game options and turn off all four auto-save options.

Why does my Skyrim keep freezing?

If you continue to experience freezing issues, we suggest disabling the autosave features for the game to see if it helps at all. To disable the autosaves, head to the menu by pressing Start and choosing Options, then Gameplay.

Why is Skyrim so laggy on PS3?

Gamers playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PlayStation 3 console have been lighting up forums with reports of a bug that causes gameplay-destroying lag and plummeting frame-rates. To make matters worse, the bug only kicks in when players have invested 20 or more hours of their time in the game.

Is there anything you can do about Skyrim freezing up?

to escape. Basically every hour or two Skyrim will just freeze in place, be in game or a loading screen and there is nothing I can do short of shutting down the pc and starting again. Nothing else works, not ctr del esp or atl f4, nothing. Is there anything I can do about this or a common cause? because it really takes away from immersion.

How can I stop the random freezing on my PS3?

I have a 160 GB PS3 Slim, and I have like 30 GB remaining, so it can’t be space problems, and I bought Skyrim new, so I can’t find a reason why it freezes a lot. My save file at the moment is 6096 KB, if that’s a matter of fact. How can I freeze the random freezing? Thanks. I’m going to guess your PS3 is overheating. Is it in a TV cabinet?

How to add mods to Skyrim on PS3?

BSAopt ver. 1.63 (to pack loose files into BSA for PS3 use. This specific version is the only one I found to work properly) (OPTIONAL but RECOMMENDED) Creation Kit (To create dummy .esp files to use with Texture packs) (OPTIONAL) A lot of patience.

Are there any issues with Skyrim on PS3?

Sadly, new patches made the experience much worse, and still haven’t’ fixed the serious lag and freeze issues that affected the game’s PlayStation 3 version. Bethesda acknowledged these glitches earlier this week and promised that, while the next patch, 1.3, won’t improve these problems, it’s actively working to eliminate them.