How big is a trophy warthog?

How big is a trophy warthog?

Your warthog boar trophy should have an average shoulder height of around 25 inches, weigh about 180 pounds, and have a Tusk Length of approximately 10 inches. The Safari Club International minimum score for a warthog is 29. The trophy is measured by adding the length of each tusk and the circumference of the tusks.

How do you attract warthogs?

1. Look for water. Warthogs tend to gravitate to wooded savannahs with a regular supply of water and grass. Water holes and rivers, where warthogs often are grubbing for roots to eat or taking a mud bath, are good spots.

Can you hunt warthogs?

The species is widespread throughout Africa from Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Cameroon to Namibia, Mozambique and South Africa, and in fact you can hunt warthog in every country in Sub-Saharan Africa where big-game hunting is legal.

What is the life cycle of a warthog?

Piglets are weaned around 4 months old and become mature at 20 months. Females tend to stay with their mother as adults, while males tend to go off on their own. Warthogs live 12 to 18 years.

How big of a trophy do you need for a warthog?

In terms of trophy size when it comes to a mature hog, an exceptional trophy is 13 inch plus (33.02 cm).

How big do warthogs get in South Africa?

The goal for hunting warthog ranges from the trophy tusks and hide to delicious meat and bait for hunting the leopard. One of the toughest of African game, the adult can weigh in at over 250 pounds. This unique member of the swine family is almost an exclusive grazer; not at all territorial, he wanders wherever he pleases.

How much does it cost to cull a warthog?

During severe droughts warthogs may be cull hunted on some properties. If you are cull hunting warthogs there is no difference between males, females or juveniles. The cost of cull hunting warthogs is $ 150 per animal regardless of size.

What to look for when hunting a warthog?

Tusks are readily visible; up to one half will be embedded in the skull. While they have two sets of tusks, upper and lower, only the upper tusks are considered for trophy assessment. When hunting warthog, approach slowly from downwind; his eyesight is poor, but his nose and ears work quite well!