Does TurboTax give free advice?

Does TurboTax give free advice?

TurboTax is offering free one-on-one expert tax advice from experienced tax professionals on the phone or with live chat! Yes, free! Available through our Ask a Tax Expert service, TurboTax tax experts will be providing personalized guidance and answers via phone or live chat free of charge.

How do I get TurboTax really free?

The TurboTax Free File program is required as part of the IRS Free File program. To qualify for the TurboTax Free File, you must make under $34,000 per year. You are eligible if you make less than $34,000 and: Work full time.

Where can I ask tax questions for free?

Taxpayers may ask tax questions by calling the toll-free customer service line at 1-800-829-1040 for individual tax issues or 1-800-829-4933 for business-related tax issues. TTY/TDD users may call 1-800-829- 4059 to ask tax questions or to order forms and publications.

How do I speak to a live person at TurboTax?

How do I speak to a live person at Turbotax?

  1. Here’s the series of steps involved in speaking to a live person at TurboTax:
  2. Dial 1-800-446-8848(1-800-4-INTUIT) and then go to the menu.
  3. Press 1 for TurboTax support.
  4. You need to select 1 if you are a US citizen and 2 for Canada.

Does TurboTax have live chat?

When you chat with Turbo Tax agents, they are most likely chatting with you from their call center located in California or Texas. Live chat is rarely available 24/7, and this department is open Mon-Sat 5am-9pm PST.

How much does TurboTax cost?

TurboTax State eFile Cost: While downloading State is free, it costs money to efile your state return unless you file early. Here are the State fees for TurboTax: Free State efile (early) with Absolute Zero. State efile: Cost: $39.99 per state – Learn more.

What is Turbo Tax?

TurboTax is an income tax preparation software that allows individuals to calculate and file their federal and state income taxes by themselves. It is the No. 1-rated tax software and promises to to “get you your biggest tax refund — guaranteed” in as few as eight days.

What is TurboTax live?

TurboTax Live is an online tax preparation software that helps you do your income taxes from the comfort of your own home. Although the TurboTax brand has been around for over 30 years, Intuit recently added the “Live” feature, allowing you to receive help online from Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and Enrolled Agents (EA).