Does Samsung Galaxy S4 have FM radio?

Does Samsung Galaxy S4 have FM radio?

Unlike the previous handset in the Galaxy S series, all of which came with a built in FM Radio, the Galaxy S4 has opted to remove this feature in the belief that consumers just aren’t interested in the medium anymore.

How do I listen to the radio on my Samsung Galaxy S4?

How to Listen to FM Radio on Galaxy S4

  1. Go to Browse tab.
  2. Tap Local Radio.
  3. Wait for the list to be updated. It contains all the local stations based on your location.

How do I get FM radio on my Samsung?

Using your phone’s radio, you can listen to the radio channels available in your area.

  1. Connect headset. Connect a headset to the headset socket.
  2. Find “Radio” Press Apps.
  3. Turn on the radio.
  4. Adjust the volume.
  5. Manual tuning.
  6. Save channel.
  7. Select saved channel.
  8. Turn off the radio.

Do Samsung Galaxy phones have FM radio?

Samsung phones released in 2018 and later in the USA and Canada have the FM radio chip unlocked, so you can listen to FM radio on them. Samsung has teamed up with TagStation to make its NextRadio app available on US and Canadian phones. You can see a list of NextRadio compatible devices here.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 with FM radio?

Samsung explains why Galaxy S4 doesn’t come with FM radio. Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled by the company on 14 March. While the phone boasts high-end specs like a 5-inch full-HD screen with 441

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini an air view?

The Air View is not an option either, along with the Multi-View split screen feature. What the Galaxy S4 mini offers over the flagship S4 is an FM radio, a feature that the intended market is likely to appreciate.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini a good phone?

Final words In Samsung’s playbook, a mini version of the top smartphone is typically the first new addition to a flagship’s fleet. Sticking close to a proven formula, the Galaxy S4 mini is a downsized and down-priced edition, but one that certainly wants to live its own life instead of just being the poor man’s S4.

How big is the screen on the Samsung S4 Mini?

The S4 Mini has a 4.3″ screen running at 960×540 qHD resolution. The processor is “only” a dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon. An 8MP camera rounds out the huge differences between the Mini and the standard S4. These differences are sufficient to lower the cost of manufacture, thus Samsung could easily toss in the FM Radio and still make money.