Do you have to take a motorcycle safety course in Texas?

Do you have to take a motorcycle safety course in Texas?

The Texas Department of Safety (DPS) requires you to complete an approved motorcycle safety class. Your certificate of completion is good for 24 months. The motorcycles skills class covers the motorcycle’s basic controls.

How do you get a motorcycle license in Dallas Texas?

Texas Motorcycle License Requirements

  1. Complete the requirements for an original applicant.
  2. Present a completion certificate of the Motorcycle Safety Course (MSB-8 or MSB-8R), approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. This completion certificate waives the driving test if your 18 years of age or older.

How much is it to get a motorcycle license in Texas?

Driver License Fees:

License type *Fee
Motorcycle with driver license (Class AM, BM or CM)
Adding motorcycle to your existing driver license $16
Obtaining a new Texas driver license and adding motorcycle $48
Renewing a Texas driver license with Motorcycle $44

Are there motorcycle safety training courses in Texas?

Texas R.I.D.E.R… was the first independent entity to conduct motorcycle operator training in the state of Texas. has been training Texans, in safe riding skills and techniques, since 1989. was established to provide the MSF ‘s Basic and Experienced motorcycle operator training courses.

What to expect at go motorcycle training school?

We are committed to the high training standards you deserve. All training performed at GO Motorcycle Training School is carried out in a relaxed and fun environment. Our State Certified Instructors will empower you with the latest riding skills & techniques that will safeguard you throughout your motorcycle journey.

How to find a motorcycle or ATV Safety Training School?

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Where to get a motorcycle license in Texas?

Get your Texas motorcycle license with us! Lone Star Bikers is the premier North Texas motorcycle training provider for Level I, II and 3-wheel training. We pride ourselves in being the go-to source for motorcycle training for every skill level by offering more class options than any school in the area.