Did Ricky Nelson sing I will follow you?

Did Ricky Nelson sing I will follow you?

Nelson’s Version of “I Will Follow Him” As mentioned earlier, “I Will Follow Him” became a massively popular single in the ’60s. Well, thanks to the 15-year-old Little Peggy March. It was then rendered by different artists from different genres. One of them was Ricky Nelson.

What was Ricky Nelson first song?

Poor Little Fool
In 1958, Nelson released his first #1 single, “Poor Little Fool”, and in 1959 received a Golden Globe nomination for “Most Promising Male Newcomer” after starring in Rio Bravo.

Where does the song I Will Follow Him come from?

Originally, the song we would come to know as “I Will Follow Him” was first recorded by Franck Pourcel as instrumental. Then English singer Petula Clark recorded a set of French lyrics, written by Jacques Plante, titled “Chariot.” It reached No. 1 in France in 1962.

Who Sings I’ll follow you around?

Imagine Dragons
Follow You/Artists

Who sings the song I will follow?

“I Will Follow Him” is a popular song that was first recorded in 1961 by Franck Pourcel, as an instrumental titled “Chariot”. The song achieved its widest success when it was recorded by American singer Little Peggy March with English lyrics in 1963.

When did Peggy March release I will follow him?

In the United States, she is primarily known for her 1963 million-selling song “I Will Follow Him”. Although she is sometimes remembered as a one-hit wonder (despite many strong and promising singles), she continued to have success in Europe well into the 1970s.

How old was March when I will follow him was released?

March’s version spent 14 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching No. 1 on April 27, 1963 and spending three weeks in this position, making 15-year-old March the youngest female artist to have a U.S. chart-topping single.

Where did I will follow him reach No 1?

Her version also reached No. 1 in Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, South Africa, Uruguay, Canada’s CHUM Hit Parade, New Zealand’s “Lever Hit Parade”, and Billboard ‘ s Hot R&B Singles chart.