Can you still log into MSN Messenger?

Can you still log into MSN Messenger?

MSN/Windows Live Messenger was discontinued by Microsoft in 2013 to be replaced by Skype as their instant message communication platform. Luckily, if you are still using the same hard drive, your old chat histories should be safe and sound, even if you upgraded to Skype.

Why did Microsoft shut down MSN Messenger?

Now it plans to shut down support for MSN Messenger in China by the end of October, reports ZDnet. The move was likely the result of growing support for the chat service QQ from China-based Tencent, which understandably stole away users.

Will Microsoft Bring Back MSN Messenger?

MSN Messenger was discontinued in 2014, with Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype from eBay largely to blame for its demise, but if you’ve ever wondered what the chat tool might look like if it was revived today, then MSN Messenger 2019 Edition is the answer.

Which is MSN Messenger Service do you use?

Collection of MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger/Windows Live Messenger clients, as used on Microsoft’s MSN Messenger/Live Messenger service.

Which is the most popular messaging app in South Korea?

It is called Kakao Talk (or KakaoTalk) and most Koreans call it KaTalk, which is the abbreviated version. Yes, Koreans love to abbreviate everything they can. For example, most Koreans say Star for Starcraft i.e. let’s go play some Star.

Why is line the most popular messaging app in Japan?

Line Corporation is a Japanese subsidiary of the Korean company Naver, but LINE (the instant messaging app) was invented and developed in Japan and gained popularity after the earthquake in 2011 when people found they couldn’t communicate between them while internet was still working. There was an empty room to fill, and it’s how LINE started.

What can I do with my MSN account?

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