Can you put two chimney liners in chimney?

Can you put two chimney liners in chimney?

Shared Chimney & Shared Flue Hazards A single chimney can safely have multiple flues inside the chimney, each flue venting an appliance, fireplace, or other device, provided that the chimney was properly constructed, including the necessary spacing or sealant between the individual flues.

What is a double wall chimney liner?

DuraLiner chimney liner is a high-temperature, insulated, double-wall masonry relining system for use with appliances fueled by gas, pellet, oil, wood or coal. DuraLiner safely protects masonry chimneys from the damaging effects of flue product condensation.

Is a chimney liner worth it?

A chimney liner might not seem like an important part of your chimney, but in reality, it’s extremely important and improves the safety of your fireplace and home. Additionally, a chimney liner is required to be present to pass inspection for property transfer.

How much does it cost to reline a chimney?

Cost to Reline or Replace a Chimney Liner Relining or replacing typically costs $2,500 to $5,000. A key factor in that cost is whether you need to remove the original liner. Many old chimneys are lined with clay and are cracked throughout.

What is flexible chimney liner?

A flexible flue liner is designed for re-lining an existing masonry chimney. It can only be installed in a chimney and has to be totally enclosed within it. A flue liner in wood, plaster board, or similar, is not acceptable. Flexible flue liners are manufactured with two skins of stainless steel 316 L…

What is a chimney liner kit?

Chimney liner kits are a very cost effective way to fix an unsafe, worn or otherwise inefficient chimney flue. Chimney liners provide an important function, they serve to contain and transport potentially harmful and toxic smoke from your wood burning stove or heating appliance.

What is a chimney lining?

Chimney Liners A flue lining in a masonry chimney is defined as “A clay, ceramic, or metal conduit installed inside of a chimney, intended to contain the combustion products, direct them to the outside atmosphere, and protect the chimney walls from heat and corrosion.”.