Are Rick and Kelly from American Restoration still married?

Are Rick and Kelly from American Restoration still married?

Kelly Mayer married Rick on 11th November 1994. The couple has a daughter named Ally. Her husband is also a loving step-father to Brettly Otterman (male), while she is the best step-mother to his son, Tyler.

Who is Rick restoration married to?

Kelly Dalem. 1994
Rick Dale/Spouse

Is Ricks restoration still in business?

Debuting in October 2010, the program initially focused on Rick’s Restorations, a Las Vegas business specializing in repairing vintage items and making them look new. Rick’s Restorations was gone, replaced by five different businesses, each with its own particular specialty.

When did Rick Dale get married?

1994 (Kelly Dale)
Rick Dale/Wedding dates

Who is Rick from American Restoration married to?

However, behind every great man, there’s a woman, and Rick’s wife Kelly helped him run the business, taking care of administration jobs of the store like payroll, budgets, customer relations, etc. The couple married during the show’s 3rd season.

Is the restorations at Ricks a rip off?

Ricks Restorations Rip Off !! – Review of Rick’s Restorations, Las Vegas, NV – Tripadvisor Ricks Restorations Rip Off !!

What was the name of Rick’s son on American Restoration?

When the show aired, Tyler was Rick’s teenage son from his marriage with Kelly. He had been working with Rick in the shop since he was just two years old. Rick wanted Taylor to take over the family shop one day, however, the boy was slightly laid-back and preferred to do things at his own pace.

How old is Rick Dale from American Restoration?

Rick has also adopted Kelly’s son, Brettly Dale from her previous marriage, who also works at the restoration store. Rick and Kelly recently became grandparents, when Ally gave birth to a boy in July of 2020. Despite his age, Rick Dale remains fit and slim – looking as different as is possible from the conventional dad.