Will Halifax get a CFL team?

Will Halifax get a CFL team?

A year ago, Halifax council approved a conditional, $20-million contribution for an envisioned multi-use stadium that could one day be home to a proposed CFL expansion team. The CFL cancelled its 2020 season because of COVID-19.

Is there a new CFL team?

The Atlantic Schooners name was revived in 2018 as the name of a proposed CFL expansion team….Atlantic Schooners.

Founded 1982
General manager J. I. Albrecht
Team president John Donoval
Owner(s) Maritime Professional Football Club Ltd. (Included John Donoval, J. I. Albrecht, and R. B. Cameron)
League Canadian Football League

Is CFL more popular than NFL in Canada?

The NFL attracts younger consumers than the CFL A quarter of 18-44-year-old consumers in Canada follow the NFL, compared to one in six who follow the CFL. Meanwhile, the CFL skews older; three in ten consumers over the age of 45 follow this league.

What is the name of the new CFL team?

Edmonton CFL Team Changes Nickname to ‘Elks,’ Replacing Prior Moniker. The Canadian Football League’s Edmonton franchise announced on Tuesday that it will be called the “Elks” going forward after dropping its prior nickname last July.

What’s the cost of a CFL stadium in Moncton?

However, the biggest hurdle facing SSE is the construction of a suitable stadium for the CFL franchise. The initial proposal called for a facility to be built at Shannon Park for between $170 and $190 million. In April, SSE unveiled a proposal for a scaled-back stadium that could be built for $130 million but expanded in the future.

Is there going to be a CFL team in Halifax?

The dream of a CFL team in Halifax will have to wait for football fans like Jay Cameron, who’d been enthusiastically following developments indicating Halifax was on track to join the CFL. “I think the CFL is a Canadian institution,” Cameron said.

When do the Atlantic Schooners play in the CFL?

The expectation now is for the CFL’s Atlantic Schooners to be ready to play in 2021 in Moncton, N.B., while a new stadium is being built in Halifax. Fans, including one dressed as a lobster, celebrate the November 2018 announcement that a proposed CFL franchise would be named the Atlantic Schooners. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

Who are the owners of the Atlantic Canada CFL team?

Anthony LeBlanc is the founding partner of Schooners Sports and Entertainment, the group spearheading a proposed CFL franchise in Atlantic Canada. (Ron Ward/Canadian Press)