Why is WebAssign so slow?

Why is WebAssign so slow?

Sometimes, assignments load slowly in WebAssign. Often, this is because a large assignment has been configured to display all questions at once. has a few questions with many question parts, or. uses multimedia like videos and interactive tutorials.

How do I show page numbers on Cengage?

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How do I find my course key cengage?

A course key is a 12 or 15-digit string of numbers and letters that identifies which course you’re taking. Your instructor should provide this to you. Try locating your course key in your syllabus or on your instructor’s course web pages.

How do I download books on Cengage?

How to download eBook for offline readingClick on Open to launch the eBook.Click on the icon and then “Get Started”.Put in your email address and click “Continue”.Fill in your details and then click “Finish”.When prompt to log in, enter the email and password which you have setup in step 5.

How do I access my Cengage textbook?

You will need to follow these steps:You will first need to access your eBook via a computer or laptop.Go to www.cengage.com and login using your Cengage username and password.From your “My Home” page, click “Open” next to your eBook.Once the eBook opens, go to the left navigation and click on “User Info”

How do I access my eBooks on Amazon?

From the left panel on the Home screen, tap Books, Newsstand, or Audiobooks, or tap the icon from the app grid or carousel to view specific content in your Kindle Library. Tap a title to download it to your phone.

Where do I find my eBooks on my phone?

Your Android phone comes with Google’s own e-book reader app. It has the clever name Play Books, and it can be found in the apps drawer or perhaps on the phone’s Home screen. Begin your reading experience by opening the Play Books app. If you’re prompted to turn on synchronization, touch the Turn On Sync button.

How do I get an eBook into my library?

How to get your eBook into LibrariesChoose a service. The best way to get your eBook in library systems is to work with a service like PublishDrive. Get the word out. Once your book is distributed to library service providers like Overdrive, it’s time to generate demand. Take advantage of your new reach.

How do I get a self published book in bookstores?

8 Steps to Getting Self-Published Books on the ShelvesKnow the Market for Your Book. Know How They Buy Books. Get Into Book Wholesalers. Develop a marketing and media plan. Create Professional Marketing Materials. Know Your Buyer’s Goals. Contact Bookstore Buyers and Librarians. Follow Up.

Do libraries accept self published books?

Unfortunately, libraries usually order books from their own distributors, which means approaching them directly to purchase your self-published book may be an uphill battle. Don’t despair. Self-published authors have several options for getting their books into libraries. Many libraries buy the entire collection.

Where is the best place to sell books?

Here are the top 10 places to sell books for cash, while decluttering or just to make a little extra money for something you want or need….General BooksBookscouter.com. Amazon.com (as Third-Party Seller) Sell Back Your Book. Bookstores.com. Half Price Books Stores. Yard Sales & Garage Sales. Half.com.

Who pays the most for used books?

Amazon: If you’re okay with receiving gift cards instead of cash for your books, Amazon has an excellent book buyback program. It advertises that it pays up to 80 percent of the value of a book, and that could prove to be significantly more than what book re-sellers are currently paying.

Can I sell books to Barnes and Noble?

No doubt this is nothing new, but having missed it, thought one or two others might’ve too. Tell Barnes & Noble online the ISBN of your book and they’ll tell you the price they’ll pay and should you agree to the value you’ll be sent some post-free mailing labels. …

Does Amazon still buy back books?

Amazon. Pros: The online retail giant will buy back almost every book imaginable through its Textbooks Trade-In program. When logged in, Amazon populates the buyback page with suggestions to sell of previous Amazon purchases. You can, though, trade in other books with an ISBN, and shipping is included.

How much money does Half Price Books give you?

Half Price Books offered me approximately, on average, 30 cents to 50 cents per book (which books were in “like new” condition). Those same books were being sold by them for $4-$5 per book.