Why did Avinash and Rubina split?

Why did Avinash and Rubina split?

There was a point when the two were inseparable. However, things went kaput after Rubina learnt about his closeness with another television actress. She ended the relationship and later said that the break-up only made her stronger and self-willed.

Who is the husband of Rubina?

Abhinav Shuklam. 2018
Rubina Dilaik/Husband
The actress’ post had fans and colleagues gushing over the happy couple. New Delhi: There is no dearth of power couples in the Indian television industry but if we ever had to make a list, actress Rubina Dilaik and her husband, actor Abhinav Shukla are sure to be right on top.

Who is Rubina Dilaik ex?

Rubina Dilaik’s Ex-Boyfriend Avinash Sachdev Is Facing A Trouble In His Relationship; Deets Inside. Rumors of TV actor Avinash Sachdev and his fiancee Palak Purswani’s parting ways have been floating in the media for quite some time now.

Did Avinash cheat on Rubina?

Once an ideal couple was no longer seeing each other and there were reports that claimed that Avinash cheated on Rubina, hence they separated. But no confirmation was given by any of them. The two moved on with their lives and started seeing someone else. Avinash went on to marry his co-star Shalmalee Desai in 2015.

What does Rohini Dilaik do?

Rohini is a famous Indian YouTuber, creates youtube videos and upload them on her YouTube channel. She is also the sister of a famous Indian actress who appeared in Shakti & also in Big Boss 14 Rubina Dilaik.

Is Rubina Dilaik a Kinner?

She is a Guruma from Kinner Samaaj and she has actively been a part of my show #shakti ! 💖😊 @ashukla09 se specially milna tha kyunki unhe woh achhe admi lagte hain 🤗💕”. In Shakti, Rubina played the role of kinnar with much enthusiasm.

Is Rohini Dilaik sister of Rubina Dilaik?

Rubina Dilaik’s Siblings Rubina Dilaik shared this picture on the occasion of Sibling’s Day. These are her two siblings named Rohini and Naina.

Is Avinash Sachdev Gujarati?

Avinash Sachdev was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra and brought up in Vadodara, Gujarat. At an early age, Sachdev was interested in filmmaking production in which he contributed to several projects to develop his filmmaking skills. Later, Sachdev shifted to his birth city where he went on to pursue his career in acting.