Who were the original Blue Peter presenters?

Who were the original Blue Peter presenters?

Blue Peter, the longest running children’s programme in the world – and quite possibly the best loved – began on 16 October 1958. It was created by John Hunter Blair and first presented by Leila Williams and Christopher Trace. The programme was 15 minutes long and scheduled to run for only 6 weeks.

Who was the first female presenter on Blue Peter?

Leila Williams
She was one of the original presenters of Blue Peter, working on the programme from 1958 to 1962….

Leila Williams
Born 1937 (age 83–84) Walsall, England
Nationality British
Occupation Beauty queen and television presenter
Known for Blue Peter

How much do Blue Peter presenters earn?

Blue Peter’s latest presenter, 20, wastes no time in plugging his latest line of merchandise on YouTube channel that rakes in £100,000 a year on day he is named as iconic children’s show’s 40th star.

Is Lindsey Russell leaving Blue Peter?

Blue Peter: Lindsey Russell has left Blue Peter. Blue Peter presenter Lindsey Russell said her goodbye’s in last nights show. After eight years Lindsey has hung up her badge and presented her last ever episode of Blue Peter.

Who are the past presenters of Blue Peter?

Past presenters set to appear include Konnie Huq, Tim Vincent, Anthea Turner and Peter Perves, while Ed Sheeran will be awarded with the highest Blue Peter accolade, a Gold Blue Peter Badge.

When was the 20th anniversary of Blue Peter?

Blue Peter celebrates its 20th anniversary in 1978. Blue Peter presenters have been asked to undertake a wide range of inspiring adventures over the years, from John Noakes riding a toboggan down the Cresta Run, to Helen Skelton walking a high-wire between the chimneys of Battersea Power Station.

When did the first episode of Blue Peter air?

In six decades, Blue Peter has seen 37 presenters – along with cats, dogs and tortoises – entertain and educate children over more than 5,000 episodes. The show first aired on 16 October 1958, in an episode that lasted just 15 minutes.

How many animals have been on Blue Peter?

And to celebrate, the BBC is airing an anniversary show on Tuesday night, which will see some of its well loved alumni return to the set. Over the years Blue Peter has played host to 37 presenters, nine dogs, nine cats, five tortoises and two parrots,