Who was the founder of ODM Kenya?

Who was the founder of ODM Kenya?

Mugambi Imanyara
Orange Democratic Movement/Founders

Who started ODM?

How many MPS is ODM?

National Assembly Composition

Affiliation Members
Constituency-Elected Total
ODM 59 73
Wiper – Kenya 19 23
Amani 12 14

How many MP is ODM?

How many governors does Jubilee have?

The Jubilee Party made significant gains in the 2017 General election, winning 140 of 290 parliamentary seats, 25 of 47 County women representatives seats, 24 of 47 senatorial seats, and 25 of the 47 governors.

Who died from Lighter Shade of Brown?

Bobby Ramirez
Bobby Ramirez, (September 26, 1969 – July 18, 2016), professionally known by his stage name DTTX (short for ‘Don’t Try To Xerox’), was an American rapper, best known for being a member of the Latin hip hop duo Lighter Shade of Brown.

How much is ODM worth?

ODM announced it has assets worth Sh25. 3 million, compared to Sh11.

Why is change important to the ODM party?

CHANGE is not only our strategic platform: it is hardwired into the party’s DNA. It is the very core of our mission. It informs our vision of a new and better Kenyan society – a society for which democracy must refer to the exercise of public authority by the majority in the light of the interest and opinion of the same.

Is the ODM party the party of choice in Kenya?

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary as a party, ODM’s political identity and social base has since solidified into a firmly unmistakable character. Kenyan’s are increasingly identifying themselves with ODM as the party of choice. Our historic agenda is clear for all Kenyans to appreciate.

What did the No team orange stand for?

The NO team (Orange) wanted a constitution that stood for equitable development through devolution, respect for human rights and vibrant democracy. Read More …..

How old do you have to be to join the ODM party?

Membership of the ODM party is open to all Kenyans above the age of 18 years, irrespective of tribe or race, who accept its principles, policies and programmes and are prepared to abide by its Constitution and rules. Others who may apply for membership include: People who are resident in Kenya and have manifested a…