Who still calls 118?

Who still calls 118?

The number of calls being made to 118 services has been falling by 40% a year, but more than a million people a year still use the service. Many of those using 118 services are elderly, Ofcom said. People aged over 65 are four times more likely to call 118 numbers than those aged between 16 and 34.

What happened to the 118 advert?

The 118 118 directory inquiries service is dropping its trademark 1970s-style runners after former 10,000m world record holder David Bedford threatened to sue.

Is 118 listing free?

For example, call The Number UK’s 118 118 and it will cost £2.58 for a minute but on its ‘no-frills’ one-call no-connection 118 811 service you can get the same information for only 50p – and if you can put up with listening to an advert it is free.

How much does it cost to call 118 118?

Calls to 118 118 – which is the most popular service – cost £4.49 per call, plus an additional £4.49/min. A 90-second call through 118 118 can cost users £11.23. If you’re visually impaired or unable to hold a telephone directory, you can sign up to the 195 service which also offers a free directory enquiries service.

Where does the number 118 come from in the UK?

118 118 is the brand name of The Number UK Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of US directory enquiries provider Knowledge Generation Bureau (formerly InfoNXX).

Who are the men in the 118 118 advert?

118 118’s advertising features two men with droopy moustaches, wearing items of clothing with 118 and two parallel red stripes on it. They have appeared in various forms, including ‘mad professors’ with crazy grey hair, and an army of 118 118 runners helping people across the nation to find businesses and services.

Do you pay for calls other than 084, 087 and 118?

As outlined above, calls to numbers other than 084, 087 and 118 will not be split into an access and service charge. You’ll simply pay the usual rate given by your provider. Here’s what you need to know: 0800 or 0808 numbers: These are already free to call from landlines, but they will become free to call from mobiles from 1 July.

Is it cheaper to call a 118 number from a landline?

Calling from mobiles: 118 calls from landlines are expensive, but from mobiles, they are astronomically overpriced. In fact, it would probably be cheaper to call the Curiosity rover currently exploring Mars than to call a 118 number from your mobile!