Who is the owner of Eternal Light Co?

Who is the owner of Eternal Light Co?

Eternal Light Co. is proudly Christian Owned & Operated. Our mission is to provide products and an experience that brings glory to God and remind everyone we encounter that we serve a God whose light never burns out. Eternal Light Co. is committed to giving back to those in need.

When do you use the Eternal Light Jesus?

The Eternal Light Jesus automatically lights up throughout the night as a reminder that your loved one is still near you & that God is watching over them. The Eternal Light Jesus is weather resistant and can be used throughout all the seasons without any maintenance or upkeep.

Where is the eternal light warehouse in Alabama?

We are from a small town called Corner, Alabama and the Eternal Light Co. warehouse is about 15 minutes from home. We currently employ 40+ local Christian workers making us one of the top jobs in our small town. Back in 2014, before Eternal Light, I was working a construction job until God had a different plan for my life.

How many testimonials has Eternal Light Co received?

Since 2014, Eternal Light Co. has received over 50,000+ testimonials about how our products have impacted our customers’ lives, and that is the most fulfilling part of this journey. I appreciate your support and I look forward to hearing from you. Powered By God’s Sunlight ☀️: Automatically shines bright without any wiring or maintenance!

Is there such a thing as an eternal water heater?

Have an Eternal (GU100, GU145, GU195) Water Heater? The good news is that (apart from one key issue) this is a well designed Water Heater that, if looked after will last a long time. It’s primarily constructed from stainless steel and uses good quality components.

How are the Titanian Eternals different from Terran Eternals?

A’lars fell in love with her, and in time they repopulated Titan. Due to the mix of activated genes from A’lars and unactivated ones from Sui-San, these new Titanian Eternals are not as powerful or immortal as Terran Eternals, but are more powerful and longer-lived than the earlier pre-civil war Titanian Eternals.