Who is the best Tejano accordion player?

Who is the best Tejano accordion player?

Esteban Jordán. Breaking barriers into other music genres such as jazz and rock, Jordán is considered one of the most talented accordionists today by many Tejano musicians. Hohner Accordions has named an accordion after him called the “Rockordion”.

Can you get a scholarship for playing the accordion?

How much total award money and scholarships are available for Accordion students? There are 1534 scholarships totaling $1,000.00 available to Accordion students. You can easily browse through all 1534 scholarships below.

What brand accordion does Ramon Ayala use?

Ramón Ayala is an accordion player from Hidalgo, Texas, who currently resides in the Rio Grande Valley….Ramón Ayala (accordion player)

Ramon Ayala
Labels Falcon Records, Bego Records, Bronco Records, Cometa Records, Ideal Records, Ayala Records, Bernal Records, National Records, R y N Records

Who is the king of the accordion?

Ramón Ayala’s
For forty years, Ramón Ayala’s music has captured the experience and the soul of the hard life in the Rio Grande borderlands. HIS NAME IS RAMÓN, RAMÓN AYALA, el señor Ramón Ayala. They call him the King of the Accordion.

Where did Antonio Fratello and Guiseppe Ranco make accordions?

Antonio, Fratello and Guiseppe Ranco began building accordions in Vercelli, northern Italy in 1890. They were the first to manufacture accordions in that area. All three were, I think, brothers. They opened a factory in 1912. They were pioneers in the art of accordion construction.

What are the features of a Ranco accordion?

Some of the innovative features on Ranco accordions were as follows – the treble and bass pallets were floating, so that they could lie at an angle and ensure perfect bedding with no loss of air. Some of the ‘specials’ had leather on the sound board which helped to seal and quieten the pallet noise.

When did the Ranco brothers accordion factory close?

In 1926 the Ranco brothers employed over sixty workers. It was a sad day when the Ranco factory closed down in the 1960s but it was a boost for Hohner and others and in particular for the Morino and Atlantic models at that time. Antonio Snr did not allow his sons to use the Ranco name on the reeds – only Antonio Jnr was permitted to do so.

Who are the three sons of Antonio Ranco?

All Ranco accordions were guaranteed for five years for defects and workmanship. Antonio Ranco had three sons, Antonio Jnr, Luigi and Guglielmo. Luigi went on his own and built accordions to order. He built a three row, three voice, 72 bass, diatonic for Emile Vacher which he used for his first 78s.