Who is Albert Schweitzer and what did he do?

Who is Albert Schweitzer and what did he do?

Albert Schweitzer

The Reverend Albert Schweitzer OM
Known for Musicology philanthropy theology
Spouse(s) Helene Bresslau, daughter of Harry Bresslau
Awards Goethe Prize (1928) Nobel Peace Prize (1952)
Scientific career

Why was Albert Schweitzer controversial?

Schweitzer’s comments about those he treated were, sadly, all too common during his era, one marked by colonialism, paternalism and racist views. Such comments were, at the very least, a contradiction of his worldview of showing reverence for all human life in both deeds and words. That said, Dr.

What did Albert Schweitzer do?

Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) was an Alsatian-German religious philosopher, musicologist, and medical missionary in Africa. He was known especially for founding the Schweitzer Hospital, which provided unprecedented medical care for the natives of Lambaréné in Gabon.

What was the role of Joseph when Schweitzer was treating his patient?

Albert Schweitzer’s wife helped her husband with operations, treating patients, and also with the anesthetic. She was also responsible for the pharmacy, bandages, equipment, and medical clothes. A cook named Joseph became a nurse and an interpreter.

Why did Albert Schweitzer believe in God?

Schweitzer’s disenchantment with theological conceptions of God and his passionate belief in the reality of human spirituality involved him in a quest that inevitably forced his intellectual and moral concerns to move beyond traditional theism.

Why did Albert Schweitzer go on his quest?

The quest in which Albert Schweitzer was involved inevitably forced his intellectual and moral concerns to move beyond traditional theism. It was his belief that the ethic of reverence for life is not dependent upon a belief in God.

Where did Albert Schweitzer live most of his life?

Albert Schweitzer’s birthplace, Kaysersberg. Schweitzer was born in Kaysersberg, Haute Alsace, the son of Louis Schweitzer and Adèle Schillinger. He spent his childhood in the Alsatian village of Gunsbach, where his father, the local Lutheran-Evangelical pastor of the EPCAAL, taught him how to play music.

Who was Jesus of Nazareth and what did he do?

The Jesus of Nazareth who came forward publicly as the Messiah, who preached the ethic of the Kingdom of God, who founded the Kingdom of Heaven upon earth, and died to give His work its final consecration, never had any existence.