Who can deliver at BC womens?

Who can deliver at BC womens?

You need to see a care provider (doctor or midwife) who delivers babies at BC Women’s. Your care provider needs to pre-register you as soon as possible after 12 weeks and before 32 weeks into your pregnancy.

Can you choose hospital to give birth?

Ask your midwife or doctor if there is a local service near you. In the public system, you can choose to have your baby in the hospital, at a birth centre (which may be located at a hospital) or at home. Hospital care Choosing hospital care means you’ll have your baby in the delivery/birthing unit of a public hospital.

How long do you stay in the hospital after giving birth in Canada?

You may be ready to go home 24-36 hours after giving birth vaginally, and 48-72 hours after giving birth by caesarean section (c-section). Your nurse and doctor/midwife will discuss the following things with before you go home.

Does BC Womens have an emergency?

Staff will tell you what to do. BC Women’s is part of the city-wide Emergency Disaster Plan. If a major disaster occurs, you may be discharged home earlier than expected to make beds available for disaster victims.

What to expect at BC Women’s Hospital for birth?

Learn more about the care we provide and what you can expect when you have your baby at BC Women’s.

Can You Have Your Baby at BC women’s?

Only doctors/midwives who deliver babies at BC Women’s can pre-register women to have their baby here. Your doctor/midwife can let you know if they deliver at our hospital or not. Your doctor/midwife sends a pre-registration form and your pregnancy records to us so that the hospital staff knows your pregnancy and medical history.

Which is the best hospital for labor and delivery?

The childbirth specialists here offer a variety of labor and delivery services, including maternity, high-risk pregnancy care and a level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), among others. Our 63-bed NICU is designed to care for the tiniest infants dealing with the most serious medical challenges.

How often do women give birth in BC?

BC Women’s supports over 7,000 deliveries for women each year and is one of the busiest maternity care centres in Canada. We also provide the highest level of neonatal care in the province, so BC Women’s must retain capacity to support the most critically ill babies. We are committed to providing safe, high quality care to all our patients.