Where Can Alabama Rot be found?

Where Can Alabama Rot be found?

Cases of Alabama rot are most common in Dorset, the New Forest, Wiltshire, Sussex and Surrey. There’s also a suggestion that a degree of seasonality applies to the disease, usually occurring in the winter and spring. There have also been reports linking the disease to dogs who were walked in muddy or woodland areas.

Is Alabama foot rot in the UK?

Locations of confirmed cases of Alabama Rot in the UK The disease first appeared in the UK around the New Forest area, but cases have spread across the country. In 2021, there are once again cases across the UK although the South of England has a higher proliferation of cases.

Can you cure Alabama Rot?

6. Is there a cure for Alabama rot? The good news is some dogs with suspected Alabama rot have survived. But the difficulty is vets can only provide 100% confirmation of the disease through analysis of kidney tissue.

Should I be worried about Alabama Rot?

Alabama rot is a potentially fatal disease that causes skin lesions and can lead to eventual kidney failure. The disease which only affects dogs, damages the blood vessels in the skin and kidneys. It causes tiny clots, leading to ulceration of the skin and severe kidney damage.

Where are the most cases of Alabama rot?

According to Vet Times, the highest number of confirmed cases has been in Greater Manchester, Dorset, Devon and the New Forest in Hampshire. In 2018 there were 46 confirmed cases of Alabama dog rot, following 40 cases in 2017 and 19 in 2016. In 2019 there have been 17 reported cases to date.

When did Alabama rot come to the UK?

What starts as sores can become more serious within days, at which point dogs get symptoms of acute kidney injury (vomiting, reduced hunger or unusual tiredness). When did Alabama Rot arrive in the UK? The first recorded case of Alabama Rot in the UK was December 2012.

Can a dog catch Alabama rot in the UK?

Alabama Rot is not determined by dog age, sex, weight or breed and, in theory, any dog can catch Alabama Rot, anywhere in the UK. Between November 2012 and May 2015, 56 dogs were diagnosed with Alabama Rot.

How can I help people with Alabama rot?

Research is costly both in terms of time and finance, therefore one of the ways that you can help us fight this condition is to consider fund-raising or donations to help support this work. The Alabama Rot Research Fund (ARRF) is a national charity aiming to raise awareness and funds for Alabama Rot (CRGV) research.