What would happen if the tree width was too narrow on a Western saddle?

What would happen if the tree width was too narrow on a Western saddle?

A tree that’s too wide will sit too low in front, causing pressure on his withers. One that’s too narrow, or with a too-narrow gullet, will pinch and put pressure along the sides of his spine. If you don’t correct this problem soon, these pressure points can become very painful.

How wide is a wide saddle tree?

If you got 29 cm, it is standard; 30 cm is medium. A tree that is 31 cm is wide and one that is 32 cm is considered extra-wide.

How wide should a saddle gullet be?

The ideal width for a saddle gullet is between 2.5″ and 4″ depending on your horse.

How wide should a saddle rack be?

Width. The wooden saddle rack should be narrow enough that it does not stretch the saddle in any way, but still provides a stable platform to balance the saddle on. For a upside down v-shaped frame, the peak should be narrow enough to easily fit into the saddle’s gullet.

What are the measurements on a western saddle?

The two most critical measurements on a Western saddle is the gullet width and the bars. The Bars of the Western saddle tree The above image demonstrates how the bars flare out to accommodate with width of the horse’s back.

How big does a tree have to be to fit a saddle?

There are not any standards or definitions of specific tree sizes, but each saddle builder provides a description to give an idea of the size of horse the tree should fit. Gullet Width or sometimes referred to as bar spread is the measurement 2 inches below the narrowest part of the gullet, even with the side conchos.

What does a narrow wide saddle look like?

If your saddle is a “narrow wide,” this means it has a narrow tree angle with a wide tree width. This is the application you will see most often for a horse which has been well trained and is being ridden regularly – he has a wide barrel and the shoulders are up and back.

What kind of tree is a County Saddle?

And third,even when a saddle is marked with a specific tree width, if it’s a used saddle, someone could have adjusted the tree so that it’s wider or narrower than its original measurement. I have a County saddle that is marked as a medium but must have been widened by a previous owner as it fits like a wide.