What Medal is awarded for bravery?

What Medal is awarded for bravery?

The Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor is the highest military honor presented for valor. It is also the only military award that is congressionally approved for presentation by the President.

How do you get the bravery award?

Selection process. Each year, the ICCW receives applications for the National Bravery Award. These applications come from official agencies such as local and district governments, school authorities, and councils for child welfare. The applications must be received by 30 September to be eligible for selection.

How do you wear a commendation?

Wearing The Commendation for Brave Conduct is worn on the left breast on all occasions when full-size orders, decorations and medals are worn. The miniature commendation is worn whenever miniatures of orders, decorations and medals are worn.

What is Canada’s highest Honour?

The Victoria Cross
The Victoria Cross (VC; French: Croix de Victoria) was created in 1993, perpetuating the lineage of the British Victoria Cross, while serving as the highest award within the Canadian honours system, taking precedence over all other orders, decorations, and medals.

When did Governor General give out bravery medals?

The Governor General honoured 46 Canadians for bravery on Friday. Adrienne Clarkson presented one Star of Courage and 45 Medals of Bravery at an investiture ceremony at Rideau Hall. The medals were instituted in 1972.

Who are the recipients of the Canadian Medal of bravery?

The Royal Canadian Mint in 2006 released a general circulation commemorative quarter showing on the reverse a variation of the design of the Medal of Bravery. The following are some notable recipients of the Medal of Bravery: ^ a b Office of the Governor General of Canada. “Honours > Decorations > Decorations for Bravery”.

Who is the Governor General of Canada and what did he Award?

Governor General awards medals of bravery Social Sharing Ottawa Governor General awards medals of bravery Gov. Gen. David Johnston awarded 43 medals of bravery and three stars of courage, including one to an Ottawa police officer who tried to save a life despite a family tragedy. Social Sharing

How many bravery medals have been awarded in Australia?

The Governor-General has announced Australian Bravery Decorations to recognise the courage and service to the community of 111 Australians. The following decorations are being awarded: Bravery Medal 43