What kind of power amplifier does Miteq use?

What kind of power amplifier does Miteq use?

MITEQ has announced its model AMF-2B-00030300-150-32P broadband power amplifier for applications from 30 MHz to 3 GHz. Over that range, the amplifier offers 2 W (+33 dBm) output power with nominal gain of 20 dB. The amplifier measures 2 x 2 x 0.5 inches

Where does the Mytek Brooklyn AMP come from?

Mytek Brooklyn Amp power amplifier. Designed in New York City, manufactured in Poland, and barely bigger than a thick paperback, the Brooklyn Amp ($2495) is Mytek’s first power amplifier.

Which is Miteq waveguide amplifier for SATCOM links?

Model JDM2WK-20202120-15-8P from MITEQ is a narrowband waveguide low-noise amplifier from MITEQ ideal for airborne satellite-communications (satcom) links. It has a typical noise figure of 1.5 dB and small-signal gain of 48 dB from 18 to 26 GHz.

When did L3Harris Narda-Miteq start making amplifiers?

Since 1969, L3Harris Narda-MITEQ, the pioneers in Amplifier development, have been customizing to our customers specific requirements. This can include new design efforts, modifications to existing designs for performance and mechanical needs, as well as additional testing and environmental screening.

What is the maximum noise level of Miteq?

The model AMF-5F-18002200-17-10P is a low-noise amplifier (LNA) from MITEQ with maximum noise figure of 1.7 dB from 18 to 22 GHz. It provides 40 dB gain across its bandwidth, with worst-case gain flatness of +/-1.5 dB and typical gain flatness of +/-0.75

What can L3Harris Narda-Miteq amplifiers be used for?

L3 Narda-MITEQ also supplies amplifiers for radio-astronomy, space, high-reliability, military, medical, and many other applications. To find the amplifier that fits your requirements, use use the Amplifier Search tool below or browse the amplifier categories towards the bottom of this page.