What is weak sauce?

What is weak sauce?

US slang. : something inferior, ineffective, or unimpressive : something weak When it comes to employer-based coverage, the plan wouldn’t do much …

Where does the term weak sauce come from?

“Weak” comes from Old Norse veik-r, corresponding to the Old English wác, ‘lacking in fortitude or courage, wavering. ‘ “Sauce,” a somewhat liquid food mixture typically eaten with some other food, comes from the French word sauce, which also appears in Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian as salsa.

What does sauce mean in slang?

Hip-hop artists have been using the term sauce as slang for swagger and luxury-branded clothing and accessories since at least 2013. This sense probably came from the meaning of sauce as “something that adds piquance or zest,” as a designer watch might impact a performer’s image.

What does awesome sauce mean?

Meaning of awesomesauce in English used to say that something is extremely good, or that you are extremely pleased: The video has gone viral! Awesomesauce!

What does weak sauce mean in Urban Dictionary?

Weak Sauce. Describes an event or object that lacks inesnity and/or fails to fully accomplish its purpose. Used to degrade, or convey ones dissatisfaction in something. That concert was weak sauce, I can’t believe I paid to see it.

What does it mean when someone says Tom is weak sauce?

Condition occurs as a result of being passed out or not wanting to go out or have people at his place. Tom is weak sauce. Last edited on Dec 10 2001. Submitted by Matt C. from Darien, IL, USA on Dec 10 2001 . 1. not cool. 2. mediocre, sub-par. 1. “This party is weak sauce .” 2. “That was a weak sauce effort. Last edited on May 17 2011.

Where does the term ” Awesome Sauce ” come from?

It comes from actual weak sauce that is not as good as hot sauce when put on food. The term is often applied to a person but may also be used to describe a thing or idea that is underwhelming or disappointing. It is the opposite of awesome sauce, or awesomesauce, which describes something cool or, you guessed it, awesome.